We don't just stop at Pilates, we enjoy Life through Fitness!

We believe that Pilates, originally intended by the founder Joseph Pilates, help to condition the body, mind and soul as a unit. In return we can enjoy life's other pursuits with confidence, strength and grace through the years to come.

Those who do not find time for fitness, will have to find time for illness.

-Edward Stanley

In order to achieve this overall balance, at Pilates Plus we go deeper with the basic fundamentals Pilates methodology, PLUS we go beyond the original sequence.



A Balanced Total Body workout using bodyweight, Mat and small Pilates equipment. Pilates Plus matwork classes will get you stronger, leaner and fitter.



At Pilates Plus we love helping our clients reach their fitness potential. We invite first-time clients to be our guest - so you can experience Pilates Plus difference.

Your Options with Pilates Plus

Introductory Classes

Private Sessions

Group Sessions

Pilates Matwork Classes

Reformer Allegro Classes

Reformer Strength Series Classes

Calisthenics Classes

Handbalancing Classes

Deep Stretch Classes

Organic Strength Classes

And more…

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Pilates is for anyone and everyone!!!

Pilates Plus will provide you with the tools and a venue to cultivate body-awareness that results in a strong, flexible, and highly functional physique. This in turn, will help you increase your physical capacity, safeguard your body from injury and enable you to use your body to fully appreciate and enjoy life.

Get your Posture right!

If you work out crookedly, then you will be crookedly strong. It will become a strong crooked problem!

Pilates is for everybody...

  • It is for somebody who wants to feel good and look better.
  • It is for somebody who want to improve their posture.
  • It is for the elderly who wants to continue to be physically independent.
  • It is for the strong athlete who seeks to improve further in competition.
  • It is for somebody who wants to reduce pain due to tightness and weakness.
  • It is for somebody who wants to improve their overall fitness.