10 Good Reasons Why You Should Be Heading Out for Pilates!

Posted on Apr 29, 2016

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Are you sweating it out with kickboxing? Or giving those limbs a good stretch with yoga? A good heart pounding circuit training might be your cup of tea perhaps?

You could have a good regimen going on, or you might be looking for something better, but is your current exercise allowing you to reach your fitness goals? The good thing is that there is a plethora of options that is available for us today. So what makes Pilates special?

Here are 10 reasons why many are going for this exercise.

1 It’s easy

You know that first time at the gym, where you find yourself clueless about what to do? Or the instance that you find some movements or equipment too intimidating? We’ve been there, trying out several routines, and sometimes bowing out halfway through the week.

The good thing about Pilates is that we take it slow and easy. A certified instructor from Pilates Class Singapore will guide you along mat exercises to reformer sessions. Classes can also be modified to meet individual needs.

2 It’s not just for the ladies

Most guys might shy away from Pilates thinking that it’s an exercise too feminine for their build. So there goes their chance of being able to experience a good routine. What is so interesting is that Pilates was created by a man, for men. With more muscle pumping exercise out there today, one might categorize Pilates too lax for their taste. Adding to that, men tend to go for something only when they see that other guys are also doing it.

Back in its infantile days, Pilates also got a slow start with the guys. However, as time went on, men are gradually warming up to it. They soon discovered that it increases their strength, flexibility, and agility since it offers a wide range of exercises which involves the entire body. There have been several male athletes who have tried Pilates for the reason that it helps improve their performance. It allowed them to develop their full range of motion, push their strength, better body conditioning.

So don’t deprive yourself of a good exercise, simply because you’re scared that it might let you look less of a man. A lot of guys today are finding it to be a smart exercise if you want to be fit and flexible even as you age! It also doesn’t mean that just because it’s easy doesn’t mean it’s effortless.

3 Hits you right at the core

Pilates hits your core unlike any other out there. In fact, it is able to improve the core muscles even after a good 36-week program. It strengthens the rectus abdominis muscles (the ones that lines the belly or your “six pack”) by up to 21% and it also prevents imbalances between each sides. This is also the very reason some CrossFitters and swimmers add certain Pilates exercises to their warm up because it builds strong muscular connections and better hip flexibility. This preps them in performing explosive moves and it also strengthens their back muscles.

4 Promotes a better back

As mentioned earlier, one of the major selling point about this exercise is that it strengthens your core and the major takeaway is that it also strengthens your back. It is the perfect exercise for correcting weakness and imbalances  around the spine. It also corrects poor posture, which is actually one hidden reason for back pain.

Many would say that Pilates shouldn’t only be taken merely as an exercise but a lifestyle change. It says so because it nudges you to improve your posture and maintain it. This benefit alone can echo throughout your well-being aside from getting rid of that nagging back pain.

5 It is relaxing

Who knew core strengthening could also be relaxing? Well, Pilates brings the best of both worlds into the table since it trains your body to relax and tense only those muscles that are working.

Relaxing is an essential, and often underemphasized, principle of Pilates. The program teaches you the concept of using just the right amount of effort needed for a particular exercise without developing unnecessary tension. You can even take this concept out of Pilates class and apply it in real life. This selective relaxation technique teaches individuals to exert just the effort needed to complete the activity correctly.

When we learn to release unnecessary tension from our system it allows our body to flow with ease. It develops us to use our muscles more effectively without expending so much energy. Isn’t that why we flex our shoulders after hovering over our desks the whole day? Unknowingly we gather tension within us, and when we program our bodies to relax we give away so much that is weighing us down. And this goes back to what we mentioned earlier that it is a lifestyle change.

6 Gentle on the joints

Pilates is a low impact exercise that does not put too much pressure on your joints. This is particularly beneficial for older adults who are looking for an exercise that would suit  their body’s ability.

It stretches and tones your body, but getting there wouldn’t cost you the well-being of your joints! It helps you develop and strengthen those muscles using on your own weight and not weights. It also gives the appropriate physical activity in such a manner that it doesn’t strain your joints with abrupt movements, but rather a more fluid structure to the exercises.

7 It keeps you centered

When we talk of centered we often take this as being mentally calm. This is also true with Pilates since it focuses on mind and body, but aside from that it also promotes physical centeredness. Being centered in this sense refers to the our body’s core, lower back, and pelvis. Working on these three will give you a better source of stability and support to perform any activity you do.

Creating a good connection to your center allows you to do physical tasks more powerfully and calmly. This is a far cry from overwhelming your body and losing control of your strength and movements which often lead to injuries. A good connection to your core helps you to perform safe and efficient movements.

8 Better body control

Body control with Pilates do not focus on how many reps you are doing, but rather it emphasizes on having the proper form to achieve safe and effective results. Many injuries stem from agitated movements or incorrect positioning during rudimentary activities. The principles of control and precision that has been set in a Pilates program helps you adapt better body mechanics. Having this will save you a lot of aches and pains later on!

The mental aspect of Pilates allows you to create a strong connection between mind and body. You become more aware and focused on where your body is in space in relation to what is going in your surroundings. This develops better balance and graceful movements. And yes, it is achievable even for older adults.

9 Burns up the calories

It is easy to feel how an intense cardio session burns up calories. The same results can also be enjoyed with Pilates, only that it focuses on resistance training. It has been proven to improve a person’s metabolism and burns calories all day long. With cardio you burn calories while you are doing the program, but the moment you end you also stop burning calories. With Pilates, you start busting the extra calories after each session and this goes on for the entire day.

Calorie burning may not be the strongest suit of this exercise, but it can help amp up the process. This article gives a good idea on how to measure the calories you burn through Pilates.

10 Improves breathing

Have you ever ran out of breath while pounding all your energy while boxing? Have you felt like passing out while running laps? The reason behind it is that you don’t have the rhythm and control of your breathing. In Pilates you are not only taught to control your body and develop stronger muscles because the exercise also teaches you to develop better endurance. This is achieved through a better control over your breathing process.

The focused inhaling and exhaling initiates motion in each exercise. Your breathing will serve as the physical component of maintaining better awareness. It allows you to be more proactive of the circumstances that surrounds you, as a result you become aware of a situation instead of just reacting to it.

Consider these advantages when you are poring over your choices. Pilates has been proven to improve not only your body, but your well-being. So if you are aimed towards achieving holistic improvement, this is the activity you need to try.

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