How to Get Perfect Posture with A Pilates Mat Workout

Posted on Aug 10, 2016

How to Get Perfect Posture with A Pilates Mat Workout

Ever wonder how some people become so poised and statuesque? It’s all about having great posture.  

Posture makes them physically attractive because it enhances the body’s shape and proportion.

Your abs, obliques, and lower back muscles are responsible for giving you a supermodel-worthy posture.

Dubbed the core muscles, they support your spine and makes it possible for you to move gracefully 

But they need to stay firm to keep your body balanced and stable.

Pilates Firms Up Your Core

There are many exercise alternatives that promise several ways to firm up your core.

Let’s talk about why a Pilates mat class could be the one that gets you into the groove of things in attaining the posture you want. 

Many Pilates movements are more complicated since it reintroduces the mind to the body. In Pilates, you need to learn movement concepts and not just to build upon your muscle memory.

While many Pilates exercises make use of special equipment, a mat is all you need for mat classes, which means you can work out pretty much anytime and anywhere.

Pilates is also generally safe for everybody, including pregnant women and the elderly. It involves fluid movements that are also guided along by the Pilates trainer. So whether you start at the twilight of your life or have ta little bun in the oven, Pilates exercises can be adjusted to your needs accordingly without putting undue stress on the body.

On top of that, even when you’re targetting other muscle groups, a Pilates mat session always engages your core muscles.

A Pilates mat workout strengthens all different areas of your core from the deep abdominal muscle called internal transverse abdominis, to the superficial rectus abdominis.

Pilates Mat Workouts for Your Core Muscles

Pilates mat workouts include the Spine Stretch, which is done by lifting the abs and stretches not only the spine but also the hamstring.

There’s also the open leg rocker, a deep abdominal control exercise. 

Another is the roll-up, a unique challenge for the abdominal muscles which does excellent wonders in articulating the spine. 

The rollover is one of those exercises that involve a lot of spinal articulation by using your abdominal muscles.

You should also try the single-leg stretch, which helps target the lower abs. It works the entire core and keeps the torso stable.

If there’s a rollover, there’s also a Pilates mat workout named rolling like a ball, which stimulates the spine and works the abdominals.

Pilates Prepares Your Muscles For Other Workouts

Your core muscles are always be involved in exercises that require lifting.

When doing weight training, your core must be ready for the workout to prevent injury and deformity.

So if you intend to do weight training, all the muscles making up your core must be balanced.

Being able to maintain spine alignment while moving your limbs is the essence of core stability.

Pilates can help prepare you for stabilizing your core with a series of movements that concentrate on core strength, posture, balance, and flexibility. 

Pilates also works on your joints to prevent problems such as tight hamstrings, bent knees, a forward-pointing neck, and rounded shoulders.

Other Health Benefits

Pilates also helps you achieve improved spinal realignment and body mechanics because of the way it addresses the muscle imbalances that contribute to back pain. With repeated Pilates sessions, you better understand and come to adopt the proper way to use your body in a manner that protects your back from injury.


Balance is one of the safety issues that the elderly contend with. As joints gradually diminish in strength, mobility and flexibility fall and injuries are highly likely to occur. This is why you need to train your musculoskeletal system to stabilize it better for a wider range of motion, helping you to move around more efficiently.

Noticeable Improvements

Many Pilates mat exercises involve holding your torso in place while moving your limbs in different directions. Consequently, your body gets to develop balance, stability, and flexibility. 

Soon enough, you will notice that you are better able to perform many core exercises for more extended periods. 

It will take only a few weeks of Pilates for you to notice improvements in your performance during other exercise sessions.

Your body doesn’t lie, and you’re bound to see this in more defined stomach muscles. Friends, and especially co-workers are also bound to notice your much-improved posture.

Get into a safe and fun exercise routine and find out more about our Pilates mat classes. Enjoy your time, and the benefits that come along with Pilates even more. Enroll with us today, as great posture is just a mat workout away!

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