8 Easy Steps to Prep for Your Pilates

Posted on Nov 4, 2016

8 Easy Steps to Prep for Your Pilates

If you’re reading this, you might be thinking what can be done to prepare for this new activity your signing up for. You might even some apprehensions to see if it would work for you, or how it can work best for you. So here are eight tips to help you get on the groove of things.

1. Look for a good instructor

It is essential that you work with a comprehensively trained Pilates instructor. Personality and rapport is important for you to effectively work well with your teacher. Yes, it is important that instructors are well trained and experienced, however, it should also be noted that they does not provide you with physiotherapy  or other manual therapies. Make sure to check the teacher’s qualifications before booking a class.

2. Prepare the materials

For  a comfortable and enjoyable Pilates class, an appropriate outfit is important. It is important to keep your attire simple or casual. Along the way, you can figure out what works for you and what is the usual in the studio.

You do have to avoid baggy clothes because it might get too revealing especially when you assume certain positions. Form  fitting clothes allow it to have a level of containment. This also allows the instructor to check your form and shape if you are doing it right.

Pilates classes are also done using socks. It would be wise to invest in one that have a non-skid bottom to avoid falls and slips when practicing standing exercises. Going barefoot will also do just fine.

3. Get a mat

Some studios may offer mats, but if you plan to take several classes it helps to have your own. Pilates mats look similar to yoga mats, although it may tend to be a bit thicker to cater to the standing exercises.

4. Cut back on the caffeine

Yes, coffee might give you a boost but it can have a downside for Pilates. It has the tendency to weaken the muscles which may be detrimental to your Pilates sessions. Furthermore, it also has diuretic properties which could have you flushing and dehydrated. Instead of a cup of joe, get a refreshing cup of green tea instead. It gives you a healthy dose of antioxidants, and it can be a soothing alternative to coffee.

5. Assessment appointment

There are some Pilates studio that offer assessment classes. This should not intimidate you because these  is just their way of assessing how your posture looks and how you move. This will also guide them on how to serve you more appropriately in class.

Drop in class or pay by class basis also saves you from immediately committing to the exercise. It is best that you do this for the first or second sessions. Just test the waters first to see how you like it.

6.  Prepare for the moves

If you want to try out Pilates on your own, it is important that you do it right. It is only an effective exercise if you hit the right moves and position, something that you don’t really get out of DVDs or tapes alone. Pilates moves can be difficult to master especially for those who have not been under consistent exercise regimen in the past. And if you are among those individuals, Pilates instructors might even modify some moves to make it more appropriate for you.

7. Eat right

Diet is complementary to exercise, and it is important that you nourish your body well to prepare for the activity you are heading out to. Avoid eating heavy meals before class, but rather go for light protein meals instead at least an hour prior to the exercise.

8. Inform instructors of any injuries

To ensure that you are getting the proper guidance, it is important that you inform the instructor about any injuries or changes to your system. Any body aches and pain or significant changes like pregnancy can be incorporated into your classes so that you can have an effective exercise regimen that is also safe in the long run. Also be aware that when you feel anything that is making you uncomfortable during class, promptly tell the instructor because you could be assuming positions that may not actually be beneficial for you.

Pilates is an exciting class altogether granted that it is done the right way with the right preparation. So come and test the waters and sign up for our classes at Pilates Plus Studio.