9 Workout Motivation Tips

Posted on Nov 29, 2017


It doesn’t matter if you get stuck, Pilates Plus has the right formula to help you get back to your training or workout course. We will provide and assist you in adopting a more realistic workout plan by teaming up with an accountable team. Through these efforts, you will be better at having a positive visualization of your workout routine.

There are different ways to set yourself up for a successful fitness workout! Below are some ways to fuel the fire that will keep you moving toward your fitness goals.

1. Know and Understand Your “Why”

Before starting any workout routine, you need to ask yourself why you took a break in the first place.

  • Were you recovering from a sickness or injury?
  • Did late nights in the office, social, or family obligations caused you to stop working out?  
  • Did you got burnt out with your daily fitness routine?
  • Did you feel judged at your current gym?
  • Did you not like the vibe?

These are just a few questions and possible reasons as to why you stopped working out. Once you know why you really stopped working out, then you would know the things you need to avoid when you get back to the grind.

2. Think about your progress

To minimize your frustrations and negativity about your fitness routine, it’s very important to think about your body’s progress. You should know that completing your fitness routine is important for your mind and body – not for other people.

Start thinking about your current weight and don’t focus on your high school or teenager body, as this could just frustrate you. Closely follow your progress and effort, and any improvement should be a personal victory in and of itself. Shedding off that weight is a process, not a miracle.

3. Sign a commitment contract

It is very easy for you to say that you’re going to complete your fitness routine this time around. This is why we suggest that you sign a commitment contract with your gym instructor or your friends, as you’re more likely to commit to your pledges, especially if you make it with your friends.

You can promise to pay a fine (an amount that would threaten you to quit working out) or take on a challenge if you quit your fitness program. On the other hand, you can also apply a reward system for getting the job done.

You can have fun with your commitment contract, as it all depends on you and your friends.

At the end of the day, you’re the only person who is going to get the advantages from your fitness program. You just need to love and appreciate your body and commit to taking good care of your health, especially if you want to live and enjoy a happy life.

4. Quit your negative self-talk

Are you being too hard on yourself? There’s a good chance that you’re being harder on yourself than anyone else around you. But, now is the time to re-frame those negative thoughts and take on a healthier perception. If you’ve slipped up and had a hamburger for breakfast, soda for lunch, there is no need to punish yourself and think that you’re a failure.

Just think that while you may not have followed your fitness course today, you are going to do better tomorrow. However, this should not be an excuse to just keep slipping off the wagon.

5. Create a bullet journal for your fitness routine

Exercising is fun, inspiring and productive. You can put your daily progress in a journal and it will be a great way to organize your goals. Your bullet journal should include your weekly progress, monthly log, and yearly goals. You can also add a mini calendar, just to keep things on track.

6. Let go of your bad habits

Aside from being committed to your fitness routine, you also need to let go of your bad habits. Bad habits like smoking and drinking alcohol can your health and body. Consider quitting slowly and this will be easy, especially if you’re dedicated to your fitness routine.

If you love your body, then you should take care of it. You can still unwind from time to time, but in a healthier way, like swimming with your friends or watching movies with your family.

7. Experiment with new workouts.

Once you returned to the gym after taking some time off, it’s normal to go back to the same workouts that you did before. So, to avoid getting burned out, you must consider trying new workout routines.

Doing new exercise routines can make you feel excited, which will also improve your performance. If you enjoy working out, then you wouldn’t find yourself quitting the gym.

8. Give yourself a reward from time to time.

Once a week, treat yourself for doing a great job. Hang out with your friends and give yourself a sugary treat, but you should still be mindful of the calories and just limit your intake.

Once you’ve trained your mind to recognize that good health and fitness is the reward itself, you won’t even want the treat.

9. Play your favorite music.

Music can help change your mood, especially if you don’t feel like working out. If this happens, just play your favorite playlist. Don’t forget to bring your headset!

To achieve this overall balance, at Pilates Plus we go deeper with the basic fundamentals Pilates methodology, PLUS we go beyond the original sequence. Our instructors will give you a realistic and mindful fitness plan, which you could enjoy.

Pilates Plus aims to help condition the body, mind, and soul as a unit. In return, we can enjoy life’s other pursuits with confidence, strength, and grace through the years to come.

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