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Breaking The Vicious Cycle In Fitness

Posted by on Jan 28, 2015 in Pilates Plus Assessments

Breaking The Vicious Cycle In Fitness

We know exercising is essential to our well-being. It keeps our body healthy and fit. In the 21st century that we live in today, we seem to have much on our plate – the daily responsibilities to take care of — such as our day job, house chores and family or kids. With only 24 hours in a day, we find ourselves occupied with taking care of others, more than on ourselves. And when we have those small pockets of time, we go for those within-reach activities such as running, swimming, cycling or join an ad-hoc group based class. We may even find ourselves signing up for races and other challenges in hope to motivate ourselves to stick to an exercise regime. We love this spirit – the desire to want to enjoy life better through fitness. Yet, more often than not, we also noticed that many will slow down from these activities when pains and injuries (we hope not!) start to set in, and the whole vicious cycle of (start-stop-restart) repeats.   Aren’t you frustrated already not progressing? What is missing in your program, have you ever wondered? Instead of going about frantically like a headless fly, we have a challenge for you today. Try these following 5 movement series which test your upper and lower extremities in strength, stability and mobility.  It will give you an idea on what areas to work on before embarking on your challenge. After all, we want to remain active, pain-free and happy in the long run in the pursuit of fitness. The Squat– touted as the “King “of lower-body movement amongst competitive athletes, models and even for the ladies who want to achieve the “perfect butt””. Squats are actually part of your everyday movement, we do it all the time mainly as we are sitting or coming out from a seated position. Squats also reveals any muscular strength imbalances and weaknesses. Pic 1a: Stand with feet shoulder width apart, toes pointing forward. Pic 1b: Squat down, with both arms at chest level. Perform 10 continuous Pic 1c: Side view of good squat form Awesomeness rank:You are awesome if you are able to : Keep chest up, not hunch forward. Get thighs parallel to floor/get your hips down as low as your knees. Maintain toes pointing forward Do not pass knees over toes. Scoring: 10 points for 10 squats with good form. ½ point for each repetition performed without full range. Maximum points scored: 10 Airplane (bent-supported leg) The airplane also challenges the lower extremity in a different way! Tests one’s single leg strength and stability, balance and core control. This is a deceivingly awesome move to also wake up those small muscles in your feet! Let’s get flying!!! Pic 2a: Stand tall, raise one knee to hip level. Keeping supporting leg slightly bent, if needed. Arms to the side at “T-position”. Pic 2b: Bend...

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