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What We Do at Pilates Plus

Posted by on Jan 28, 2015 in The Pilates Plus Story

What We Do at Pilates Plus

Bringing the + factor out in you   Pilates Plus is the brainchild of Michel Velasco. Started in 2013, Michel had the vision and desire to transform the way how Pilates is traditionally taught. FUN is the keyword in all he does. And it is not that difficult to see and feel the humorous disposition when one enters the studio and begin their sessions with Michel. What is the PLUS in Pilates Plus? All of us are born with a unique “plus” factor. The “plus” in us to live life more abundantly with fun and variety. “Plus” simply means finding yourself doing more things that you never thought you imagined you could. Pilates Plus, as the name suggests, is all about using the art and science of Pilates as the foundation to prepare one in movement training. We believe the Pilates method, originally intended by the founder Joseph Pilates, help to condition the body, mind and spirit as a unit. In return we can enjoy life’s other pursuits with confidence, strength and grace through the years to come. Pilates Plus aim to be more than just a Pilates playground. And through Pilates and what we do here, we aspire to bring out that unique “+”  factor in you. What can one expect in typical session with Pilates Plus? Well, let your imagination run free….. We aspire to bring out that child in you! As we grow older, we lose the innate ability to move like a child. Pilates Plus believes this beautiful innocence is still within us, and it is our hope to let you live and enjoy life. Our sessions are designed with a clear purpose, to let you understand your body a little more, in line with your own fitness goals and to carry out daily activities effectively.   Enjoy Life through Fitness Ladies, have you always wanted to do a proper push up, but yet always struggle no matter how? What about reaching your potential in flexibility while keeping your strength? Guys, have you always wanted to do a proper pull-up, yet find yourself fatiguing so easily after 8 reps? Or can you even do one? How about executing different push-up variations on the floor without injuries?   Whatever your goals may be, we will work with you from the ground up to get there, patiently taking steps with you along the way. It is the small consistent steps that count. Before you know it, you have already reached your goals. This is what Pilates Plus is all about.     Here at Pilates Plus, we don’t just aim at getting you moving. We actually customize a systematic program for you to get fundamentally strong. All of these benefits for you to tackle on life’s unexpected situations or even to complement your current fitness goals in a realistic and happy way, of course. We don’t just...

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