Pilates Fitness for Work-Life Balance in the New Normal

Posted by on Dec 1, 2020 in Blogs, Pilates Benefits

The Pilates fitness approach emerged around 100 years ago, but its principles and benefits remain relevant in today’s new normal. Joseph H. Pilates came up with a series of exercises to help injured soldiers manage their pain and restore their range of movement. This was in the early 1900s, while he was interning at a camp for Germans. He called his approach to full-body conditioning Contrology and the rest, as they say, is Pilates history. What few people probably know is that in 1918, the Spanish flu struck and left around 50 million people dead, many between the ages of 20 and 40. Curiously enough, Joseph and everyone else who trained in Contrology was spared from the virus. It’s also interesting that they, the first-ever practitioners of Pilates, were practically quarantined inside the camp during the pandemic. While it has been a hundred years and we’re no doubt experiencing an entirely different virus,, the context is actually rather similar to what we’re facing today. Joseph believed that most health problems in his time were due to a “modern lifestyle” that is  not much different from today’s sedentary and stress-ridden new normal. These days, we’re all still trying to cope with our changed realities, and it’s become harder to strike a work-life balance. With this blog, we at Pilates Plus Singapore would like to encourage everyone to rebuild the work-life balance that was lost to quarantine and work-from-home arrangements. We’ve prepared some helpful tips on how to adjust and adapt while reducing stress, maximising productivity, and achieving overall body-mind balance through Pilates. Pilates Classes | Attain Physical and Psychological Wellness with Pilates Amidst the Pandemic Make a schedule and stick to it. The work-from-home setup can be a double-edged sword. Some people get to work more now that there’s no travel time, while others tend to procrastinate, with the distractions of working from the comforts of home. But working from home does not mean we’re expected to work 24/7, neither does it mean taking advantage of our flexible working hours to slack off.  Whether it’s a temporary or permanent arrangement, remote work should be conducted with professionalism. The same professionalism we’d exhibit when we show up  to an office building with our co-workers and bosses, IRL. So, it’s crucial to set a regular daily work schedule, condition ourselves to focus on tasks within that schedule and make a habit of it until it sticks.  Set boundaries and respect them. Just because people are always online doesn’t mean it’s okay to chat them up anytime. Like it or not, checking emails at the breakfast table eats into family time or me-time. Yes, we’re working from home, but if we’re still at it late into the night or during the weekend, it’s not exactly time well spent. So, send a clear message that your day is done. Turn off work notifications on...

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5 Awesome Benefits of Pilates Mat Exercises

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The pandemic has shown us how truly important it is to be physically and mentally healthy. Hence, it’s time to take better care of ourselves–starting with taking up a fun and fulfilling fitness program that we can commit to. One option is Pilates mat work out, which won’t only whip up the body into shape but teach the mind centering, concentration, and control. At Pilates Plus in Singapore, we recommend mat classes before moving on to workouts using different types of Pilates equipment. Mat Pilates is perfect for beginners because the reps can be adjusted to your physical capability. Plus, you’ll only need a mat, some floor space, and everyday items you can use as exercise aids. It involves floor workouts that build body strength and activate the brain’s stress-busting functions. With Pilates’ emphasis on the body/mind connection, it’s easier to grasp how toning, flexibility, coordination, and focus come together to make life easier…and just happier! So, let’s cut to the chase and tell you exactly how Pilates mat exercises can make you look great simply because you feel so good! Sign Up for Affordable Pilates Mat Classes NOW 1. Burns Fat and Calories Flabby abs, chubby arms and legs, bulky hips and backsides…these are why most of us are driven to exercise. Luckily for us, Pilates mat exercises target the body’s powerhouse—abdominal and lower back muscles, glutes, hips, and pelvic floor. While strengthening the body’s core is the goal of Pilates mat exercises, you’ll most likely burn off calories and shed excess pounds in the process. But if you want to lose weight fast, then you might want to take up running, swimming, and other cardio workouts on top of Pilates. Traditional Pilates was designed as a low-impact workout meant to build up strength gradually. Although, research shows it’s also effective in lowering BMI and calorie count, and results in a slimmer waist, flatter abs, and leaner hips too. Picture this: if you weigh about 150lbs and you’re doing beginner Pilates mat classes for 50 minutes, then you’ll shed about 175 calories. Our muscles continue burning off calories even after working out so, the longer you’re at it, the stronger and shapelier you get. 2. Makes You Look Taller We wear heels and elevator shoes to look taller because…why not? Doesn’t hurt to add a few centimeters to your height, right? In fact, Miss World 2003 Rosanna Davison credits Pilates for making her half-an-inch taller. Well, Pilates can’t make you grow actually but, with all that stretching, your spine becomes more aligned, back muscles are elongated, and the cushioning between the vertebrae gets more room to breathe. Pilates may not be able to lengthen your bones but it will correct your posture with consistent practice. These days it’s normal to spend long hours sitting at our desks or hunched over phones and tablets, which ruin our posture and...

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How To Strengthen Immunity, Improve Mental Health, And Age Gracefully? Say YES to a Healthy Lifestyle!

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Nowadays, it’s no longer a question “if you’re busy” but rather, “how busy are you?” On any given day, our to-do lists are typically long and our stress levels are frequently high, especially in these alarming circumstances.   Between work, home life, and many other “more important” responsibilities, sometimes there’s hardly enough time for anything else, much less exercise. It’s easy to undermine our health when deadlines are looming and bills are piling up. These days we’ve all been compelled to take a pause to consider how truly important it is to be healthy in both body and mind. We may not notice how often we take our own well-being for granted, but as we age and become more susceptible to health risks, it gets clearer. Now we know what it means to have a strong immune system—why a good diet and regular exercise are strong armors against disease. Now we appreciate what it means to be in good mental health—intellectually and emotionally equipped to handle unforeseen circumstances. So, what does it take to get from neglecting your health to adopting a healthy lifestyle? Find the time to exercise and make a routine out of it. Be mindful of your emotional state and learn how to master your impulses. Let’s all begin the journey to attaining a positive perspective on life by saying YES to these resolutions for healing and well-being. Read more: What is Pilates? YES, I’ll exercise to protect myself from illness! You make yourself vulnerable to illness when you stick to a sedentary daily routine. While vitamin supplements could help, exercising every day increases your immunity against disease and lessens health risk factors. However, strengthening your immune system through exercise is not a magic bullet—you have to know when enough is enough. Studies show that a long duration of exercise may also lead to weakened immune functions. While exercise done in moderation releases hormones and enzymes that protect the body against infections caused by intracellular microorganisms, too much could cause disruptions in our system. High-intensity exercise in long durations could make you feel more exhausted than rejuvenated. Too much exertion may increase the concentration of anti-inflammatory hormones as the body responds to high levels of stress. In effect, it increases our susceptibility to infections! Let’s face it, the gym isn’t for everyone. Different people have unique interests, inclinations, and physical conditions. So, if you’re looking for alternatives to the gym, Pilates Plus offers introductory classes and group promos to start you on your way to a long-term immunity-boosting regimen to suit your pace and personal capabilities. Learn more: Benefits of Exercise YES, I’ll be mindful to maintain my mental health! When we don’t exercise our body, we fail to give our brain the boost it needs to stay sharp. The most common consequences of refusing stubbornly to sweat it out are brain fog and poor memory. Now,...

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Does Pilates Cause Weight Loss?

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Shedding excess pounds is among the top fitness goals for most people. Here at Pilates Plus in Singapore, one of the first questions our clients ask is if Pilates can help with weight loss. Whether it’s resistance exercises on the Reformer or strength-building Pilates Mat workout, the short answer is yes. After all, while each exercise routine has its own benefits, Pilates is a fitness programme that can work wonders on the body and the mind too. Check out our Classes for Pilates in Singapore The Process Behind Pilates Unlike other crushing, high intensity exercise programs, Pilates seem relatively passive. But, in reality it is no passive pursuit, rather its focus is on the concept of control instead of seemingly endless reps and muscle exhaustion. In Pilates, the muscles work to lift against gravity or the resistance of bands and springs. This exercise require you to take your time, focus on the task at hand, maintain balance, and to apply proper breathing.   What you learn from Pilates will actually provide you with a good solid bedrock for fitness and wellness. For example, full breathing exercises (which are also part of the program) can feed and stimulate the circulatory system. This is a cleansing process that can help detoxify the blood and refresh the cells. That is the basic component for the vitality we need to gain optimum benefit out of the exercises we perform. Adding to that, Core Pilates exercises also brings a lot of advantages that radiates to different parts of the body. So, where does weight loss come in? Weight Loss Before we tackle that question, it is important that we understand how our body process weight loss. The body loses weight, or body fat, by burning more calories than what is consumed. Our system burns a certain amount of calories in order to perform metabolic processes that are necessary to sustain life – this is called resting metabolism. Individuals may increase their resting metabolism by performing resistance training that increases muscle density.  This allows the body to burn even more calories – including stored body fat – at rest. Remember, the body can only lose weight if it is in a negative energy balance. This means that you must take in less energy (this means food or calories) than you need on a regular and consistent basis. When this happens, the body must rely on its stores of fat, glycogen, and muscles as fuels. The result is the loss of body weight. Pilates and Weight Loss Most bodyweight routines in Pilates classes can be pretty intense. Studios develop their own programs that can help you burn the excess calories. Pilates can assist in weight loss by affecting your overall body composition – the kind of redistribution many of us aim to achieve. A proper Pilates workout require that one masters a series of bodyweight exercises...

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