Are Pilates Exercises Really Effective for Injury Rehabilitation?

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While these may not be as heart pumping as other fitness regimens out there today, Pilates exercises are still able to make a believer out of many. It is one of the fastest growing exercises in the world with a lot to offer individuals who not only seek physical vitality but mental wellness too. But on top of its long list of benefits, are Pilates exercises able to rehabilitate injured areas of the body too? This is one of the common questions that a lot of potential clients ask, and now we are serving you the dish! The Culprit Behind Common Body Injuries Injuries are commonly caused by muscular imbalances. It could be through the way we bend, hold our posture, sit, lie down, or even how we assume certain positions when working out. Most of us are unaware of the fact that we often move incorrectly, and this is called poor body mechanics. When done repeatedly, it can result in muscle fatigue and injury. Whether you are sitting at home, turning and positioning patients at the hospital, or carrying heavy boxes during the day, poor body mechanics will eventually take a toll on your body. One study, which was done on workers in the car production industry, presented varying complaints of low back pain which is linked to their body mechanics behaviour. Low back pain occurs when we put too much pressure on the spine while the pelvic muscles at the front of the body, or vice-versa, are weakened. In this case for instance, low back pain can be worsen when you bend over to pick up a heavy object instead of squatting down to avoid straining the back muscles. Wrong positioning and weight distribution makes the body more vulnerable to serious strains, tears, pulls, or something much worse.   How Can Pilates Help Rehabilitate Body Injuries Pilates strengthens the core which consequently creates an even musculature throughout the body. The core muscles consists of deep abdominal muscles which includes those that are closest to the spine. This means that Pilates helps promote spinal and pelvic alignment which are essential for us to move the way we are supposed to without injury. Aside from core strength, Pilates also provides a greater degree of flexibility than other conventional types of physical therapy. While many are daunted by the fact that it is closely similar to Yoga, they think that it might be too challenging for them especially if they go into it with an injury. But the truth is that Pilates can be modified for each person and still be effective. A class can go from basic movements to something more advanced, depending on how badly they are injured or how they progress. Furthermore, Pilates is also gentle on the joints where fatigue is often a concern. It improves arm and leg movements. Proper motion, which is ensured through...

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The Price of High Intensity Workouts

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Millenials’ love affair with fit and toned physiques shot high-intensity workouts to massive fame. As many would like to say, “no pain, no gain”. But is beating yourself up with these crazy workouts the best way to get trimmed? Experts are saying that pushing your body too much can put undue stress on your body. This can be observed by the spike in shoulder, hip and knee injuries as CrossFit gyms became widely successful. Before you burn out your body with these exercises, you might want to learn if this is only giving you the benefits you expect or is it pushing you to the brink of injury. Read more about it in this article: As millennials flock to high-intensity workouts, hip pain follows Treat your body right and give your joints important consideration while you build your muscles and burn those stubborn fats. Give Pilates a try today. We give trial sessions for only $60 for 3 sessions, a special treat for those who want to test the waters.  Photo Credit:...

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Pilates and How it Improves Your Posture

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Have you been constantly taunted by that nagging ache on your back? Or do you seem like your body is just radiating these aches and pains that just seems to burden you day in and day out? Too often we are unaware of how much our spine has to deal with everyday. So much of what we do, or don’t do actually has an effect on that long system of bones that run the length of your back. From the way you stand, how you sit, or pretty much how you carry your body, all these define your posture. And what most people don’t know is that not having a good posture will make a large difference to your day and maybe even your life! In retrospect When you observe a young children, you would notice how graceful their back appears. It shows that with their young frame and structure they are able to move easily and effortlessly. As we grow older bad habits, such as slouching, affect the way we carry ourselves. Usually, without us knowing it, this can lead muscle tension and fatigue thus resulting in poor posture. Long hours hunched over a desk at work and poor body mechanics can is highly likely to create a bad posture. And if you are one who are doesn’t really takes heed on your mother’s reprimands, then you  could end up with stiffness, fatigue and headaches. The symptoms of a bad posture Whether you are aware of your bad posture or not, it breeds certain effects to your body – some you notice easily, while others may come much later on. Here are some of the symptoms that could point to a postural problem: Muscle fatigue Rounded Shoulders Back Pain Potbelly Headache Bent Knees when standing or walking If you happen to scour through some celebrity news, you might have come across a news where One Direction member, Harry Styles, opened up with on his struggles with persistent back and body aches. What Harry had to cause his ‘wonky back’ was what one osteopath said to be one leg shorter than the other.  This is what lead him to Pilates and the ultimate relief he achieved after that. Situations like these are the true calling of Pilates, and all the good that it does. Here’s how it works, and other hidden benefits that you might not have expected. Pilates and your core In targeting the problem, you also have to look at other existing circumstances that could affect the main problem.  So in this case that would be your core muscles. Pilates workouts improves your strength to build your core muscles at the center of your body, buttocks, upper and lower back, and thighs. In order to improve your posture, both your spine and pelvis has to be properly aligned. Your core muscles act like your internal girdle, and...

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