Pilates Essentials for Beginners

Posted by on Oct 22, 2018 in What is Pilates?

When we talk about fitness, Pilates will eventually find its way into the discussion. It is not a fad, but a sustainable form of exercise that is teeming with benefits, which is why it is widely practiced to this day. As a fitness routine, Pilates can be ingrained in your lifestyle. So, if you think this would be a good addition to yours, this information should help you get started. Pilates May Not Be What You Think It Is Since you found your way here, chances are you already have preconceived ideas about Pilates. While some may be true, oftentimes these could be riddled with misconceptions. So, let’s clear the air and draw you only to facts to help you make an informed decision. Misconception no. 1: Pilates is only for women Joseph Pilates created the exercise to rehabilitate injured soldiers during the war. Therefore, there was no way that this is an activity designed solely for women. Misconception no. 2: Pilates is too easy This misconception also stemmed from the idea that Pilates is a woman’s exercise. While it may not be as intense as cardio workouts, the routine can get more challenging as one progress. Misconception no. 3: Pilates only works on your core It is true that Pilates is a reliable exercise for core strengthening. However, more than that, it is a full body workout. Pilates delivers a unique blend of strength training, balance, coordination, and postural work. On top of that, it is also creates a mind-body connection that is hinged on technique and mindfulness. Misconception no. 4: Pilates is only for flexible people One of the advantages of Pilates is that it is an inclusive exercise. You don’t need to have a certain degree of flexibility to do it. Pilates can be customized to suit people of all ages and physical capacity, although it should not stop at that level. This is, after all, the true intent of Joseph Pilates – and that is to progress. Through regular sessions, Pilates training can help someone move their body more efficiently and gradually improve both flexibility and mobility. Misconception no. 5: Pilates is only for the fit and young Again, you don’t have to be fitness fiend to do Pilates. It doesn’t matter if you start from a sedentary lifestyle or if you start at 50, exercises can be arranged to suit your needs and physical capacity. Misconception no. 6: Pilates is too expensive It is expected that there will be variations in the price for Pilates classes in Singapore. If you want to try it out, studios offer different packages at affordable prices. At Pilates Plus, we offer trial packages, so you can test out the waters first before committing to a full program. You can check out our rates, here. Misconception no. 7: Pilates and yoga are the same thing Pilates and Yoga may...

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10 Pilates Myths and Truths

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  10 Pilates Myths – Busted! Are you tired of all these health fads that don’t seem to give you the results you wish to achieve? I know this can be very frustrating and discouraging especially when you have been jumping from one fad to another. Pilates is not a health fad, but the effects are, they say, long-term but more subtle health benefits. But what is it that you can achieve with Pilates, and what can’t Pilates do?  Let’s bust the myths and highlight the facts about Pilates. Myths and Truth Myth #1 Pilates can help you lose weight It is a fact that Pilates has a lot of health benefits, but weight loss is not its cup of tea. It may help you burn some fats, but it would be stretching it too far if you say that it is the sole reason for shedding the excess weight. This was supported by a study in 2006 which showed that there was no significant change in both body fat percentage and weight in females who had regular Pilates routine. This is not to bust your bubble, but to give you the real deal. However, you just don’t rule out Pilates in helping you lose weight, because it promotes better core strengthening which significantly reduces your risk of injury. It also improves you flexibility, and all these can help you get better in your exercise regimen. But when it comes to burning the calories and fat loss, cardio exercises is deemed more effective than Pilates. Myth #2 Pilates is a very simple exercise program Not to discourage you, but to give you a heads up on the fact that Pilates is no work in the park for beginners like you. It involves different movements that can range from the simple to something more complex depending on the needs of the individual. Every movement takes practice and careful guidance because it involves control and balance. Pilates exercises have to be done slowly and smoothly, which makes this look easy to the casual observer. With regular practice your body will eventually learn to adapt natural alignments and proper support. This is also the reason why Pilates classes are designed to be done in small groups. It allows the instructor to give close attention to each student so that they are able to perform each exercises properly. Aside from achieving the right moves, it also prevents injury. View our current Pilates class timetables here. Myth #3 Pilates is designed for women Sadly, this common misconception about Pilates caused a lot of men to miss its benefits. This belief may have stemmed from the fact that this exercise helps strengthen the lower abdominal muscles and the pelvic muscles which both play significant roles in childbearing. But Pilates is actually an exercise that is helpful for all sexes. In fact, Joseph Pilates, who was a male...

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