This is What Happens When You Don’t Make Time to Exercise

Posted on Feb 17, 2017

How busy are you today? Do you have some time to spare and maybe bust a move to sweat it out?


It’s truly understandable that we often find ourselves running out of hours a day to do other things when work, home life, and other more important responsibility consume us. Our to-do list are filling up to the brim that we seamlessly, and even unknowingly, bump exercise out of the picture. Unfortunately, it is easy to undermine health when deadlines are rabidly gnawing at our feet. But little do we know, that we are slowly hurting ourselves if you don’t make the necessary changes.

When you don’t take the time to exercise, these are just some of the things that could happen.

You don’t give your brain the boost it needs

A lack of exercise can easily show up on the scales, or on your waist. However, one effect that usually goes unnoticed is how it affects our brain. Failing to sweat it out can lead to brain fog and poor memory. The deluge of stress and the hormones it produce can lead to a detrimental effect by stimulating regions that control motivation, fear and mood. This puts you at risk for memory impairment, depression, and sleep problems.

Exercise can help introduce oxygen to the cells of our body, but more importantly it helps your memory and thinking either directly or indirectly.  When you put in the effort to do it regularly, you relieve the stress response and prevents the negative consequences. The added boost of oxygen to your brain which you get out of regular exercise can give you an edge compared to sedentary individuals. It improves your mood, sleep, and reduces stress and anxiety.

Investing in exercise for brain health is the gift that gifts on giving which will protect you from cognitive impairment that goes with age.

You miss out on a good anti-aging secret

The benefits of exercise to cardiac health is hardly news nowadays, but did you know that this is also the key to a healthy skin? While we default with creams, peels or facials when it comes to skin care, exercise can give the skin a bounty of goodness.  It brings a regenerating effect on the aging process which ultimately reflects on the skin.

Exercise promotes better skin tone just when you start to lose elasticity. Increased blood flow increase oxygen and nutrients delivered to your cells which can result in a more youthful appearance and radiant complexion. One way to keep facial muscles looking youthful is to exercise it the way you work the rest of the muscles in your body. In a way, this makes for an easy and even an inexpensive way to get a regular facial.

Sweating also allows you to get rid off a significant amount of free radicals which are those little buggers that cause wrinkles or the premature signs of aging. However, you just don’t go off like an unbridled horse slaving away over exercise. Without the proper protection and control, it might unduly stress out the body. For instance, running long hours exposed to the sun can have its adverse effects to the body, so you have to be smart and careful as you amp up your activity level.

You lose good balance

The decline in physical functioning that is associated with aging is due to a decrease or lack of physical activity. There have been several studies which showed that a commitment to a regular exercise routine can improve muscle strength significantly. Such an effect also poses a negative effect on your balance which is one of the common causes of injuries in old age.

Stretching exercises such as yoga and Pilates helps your body stay flexible and limber while maintaining good balance. These activities strengthens the muscles, such as your legs or core, that keep you upright. By improving stability, you are able to do so many things with better ease and even prevent falls. It also prevents and relieves back pain, which is one of the common complaints among older adults.

Exercising for balance may sound trivial now when you are walking around perfectly, but you might realize later on that banking on the right exercises to maintain the kind of balance you enjoy today can give you a handful of benefits you’ll be thanking tomorrow.

You make yourself vulnerable to illness

Aside from popping those vitamin C supplements every day, a daily walk can also help you strengthen your immune system as well. However, strengthening your immune system through exercise is a hard act to juggle, so you have to know when enough is enough.

Studies have concluded that a long duration of exercise may weaken the immune function, while short and intense ones doesn’t. The key is to do it in moderation because this opens the floodgates for those hormones that protect the body against infections caused by intracellular microorganisms. Conversely, high intensity exercise may increase the concentrations of anti-inflammatory hormones because the body responds to it as high level stress. In effect, it increases the susceptibility to infections.

If you are one who is in a committed relationship with your couch or your bed, why not get yourself up today and give exercise a chance.

A chance to make you sharper, a chance to make you look younger, or a chance to have your mobility in top shape. And above all this, why don’t you give it a shot to boost your immunity and enjoy old age without the risk of age-related conditions dulling up your sparkle in your twilight years.

You don’t have to stress it out, but rather enjoy your time flexing those muscles or breaking out a sweat. Join one of our sessions at Pilates Plus today and don’t miss out on the range of benefits a good exercise gives!

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