Handstand Conditioning Classes

This class is focused on building strength and endurance for a handstand. We’ll be going through wall drills, wall holds, core work, and body line work, and shoulder- and wrist-mobility work as well.

Class Level

The class will be conducted at multiple levels, benefiting everyone from newbies to home workouts to seasoned athletes who wish to do back-to-back classes. The exercises are time-based therefore, the repetitions can be scaled to the individual’s level and needs. Exercise progressions and regressions will also be given to reap the maximum benefits of the session.

Equipment Needed

  • Phone, tablet or laptop to use the Zoom app—preferably with a speaker and fully charged for an uninterrupted experience
  • Exercise Mat
  • Chair
  • Towel
  • Water to keep you hydrated
  • Cleared-out wall and floor space to bail out (6ft by 6ft)

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