In Singapore: Pilates Mat and Spine Corrector Classes!

Posted on Sep 17, 2021

In Singapore: Pilates Mat and Spine Corrector Classes!

Pilates mat is getting very popular in Singapore. It is effective, simple, and convenient to do. It will target the core muscles to tone your midsection, strengthen your arms to get leaner and incorporate flexibility work that will loosen up the tight muscles of your body to align your posture better.

You can do different types of Pilates mat classes at PilatesPlus in our two branches. One is at the heart of the Central Business district at International Plaza building, just directly above Tanjong Pagar MRT. Our second outlet is close to the greenery of Mount Faber, at 2 Telok Blangah Way, Safra Club Mount Faber under UMove Fitness.

At Pilates Plus Singapore, we have three different types of mat classes which you can choose from. Each of the classes has different goals that you can work on to have a more efficient way to approach your Pilates training.

Pilates Mat

Beginners to advanced level

This multi-level class is a good entry point if it’s your first time attending a Pilates class. Our experienced Pilates teacher will modify the exercises to suit your level. Beginners will be given an easier version of the movement so they can understand the exercises first before progressing to a more difficult version. Advanced practitioners, on the other hand, will do more difficult variations.

Class description

This is a full-body workout that is based mostly on the original Pilates mat sequence developed by Joseph Pilates.  

The class generally starts with a posture correction, spine warm-up routine, and some awareness or coordination drills.

The main session will work to strengthen your core, upper and lower body. In addition to the strength work, flexibility exercises, posture, and alignment work is included in the class to make sure that you come out of the class feeling lean, tall, and rejuvenated.

You will be assessed in this class if it is your first time doing Pilates, so make sure that you let the Pilates teacher know that you’re new to the class. After the class, we will give you a recommendation on which class is best for you in relation to your goals and fitness level.

Pilates Apparatus used

  • Exercise mat
  • Pilates Ring (occasionally used)
  • Foam roller (occasionally used)
  • Spine corrector (occasionally used)
  • Elastic bands (occasionally used)

Here is a 3 session introductory package, so you can try any of our mat classes. You can also attend our Calisthenics and Handstands class in this package.

Strength Pilates Class Series

This is a multi-level class.

Beginners will be doing easier variations of the movements, and experienced attendees will be doing their own version of the exercises. 

Class Description

This is a unique class to Pilates Plus only. I started this class as I realized that my students were no longer progressing even though they diligently came for my sessions. After some research, I have found out that there is a difference between strength programming and the Pilates method. 

So I have tweaked my Pilates class program to incorporate some strength training principles in it. 

The exercises are consistent in every class in the Strength Pilates class, regardless of the schedule or who’s teaching the class. The program will generally start on the first day or on the 16th day of the month is done for 6 weeks. You can join the program at any stage but it will be best if you attend from the first week.

Doing it this way will make you stronger on specific movements and learn them deeply. You will end up having a deeper understanding of the exercises. After the 6th week, you will have a new Strength Pilates program for the next 6 weeks, which can be a new stand-alone program by itself or a progression of the previous one.

Great for beginners

Though our strength pilates series is a little tough for beginners to get started, it is very effective for first-timers to learn the exercises as you will know what to expect in the session and will learn to polish a few exercises at a time rather than handling too much variety in your exercise routine.

If you want to try our Strength Pilates program at home, here is a video that I have published on our YouTube channel. Feel free to leave a question in the comment section if you have any.

Pilates Apparatus used

  • Exercise mat
  • Gymnastic stall bar
  • Parallettes
  • Pilates Ring (depends on the program)
  • Foam roller (occasionally used)
  • Spine corrector (occasionally used)
  • Elastic bands (occasionally used)

Pilates Spine Corrector Class

This is a multi-level class.

Beginners will be doing easier movements, and advanced practitioners will be given a suitable version of the exercises.

Class description

This class is perfect if you want a combination of relaxing full-body stretch, especially in the spine, while working harder with the core. 

This is not a pure mat class as you will get to use the Pilates Spine corrector, a unique apparatus you can find only in Pilates.

You will learn to articulate your spine well in this class, which effectively keeps the joints of your spine healthy and supple. 

Pilates Apparatus used

  • Exercise mat
  • Spine corrector
  • Foam roller (occasionally used)

Small class size

The size of our mat classes is relatively small, so enough attention will be given to you during the session. Our International Plaza outlet will have a maximum capacity of 4 pax in a group class, and the Safra outlet will have a maximum capacity of 10 attendees per class.

Tips and things needed to attend the class

  • We generally provide the mat, but with the current Covid situation, we highly recommend that you bring your own mat and towel for the class.
  • Wear comfortable exercise attire, so you can move freely in stretching your hips and spine. You will need a pair of socks for the class.
  • We provide water, but you can bring your own bottle. One less paper cup wasted will be better to save our environment.
  • Come into the class with a mindset of a student. Learn from our teacher, feel free to ask questions, bring home the exercise with you, and do it safely at home. Our aim is for you to be independent in taking care of yourself, to keep your body fit and strong.
  • Focus on the details. Pilates exercise is not about the intensity at first but the quality of your movement. How intense the exercise depends on how deep you understand the movement. Take some time to learn the movements properly.
  • It can be hard and confusing; stick with the routine, and you will see progress soon.
  • Be consistent with your attendance. It is very tempting to attend a variety of classes in a week but our body can only take as much in order to learn the movements. You will be better off doing the same class for 3x a week rather than attending 3 different sessions in a week.

Here is a 3 session introductory package, so you can try any of our mat classes and other non-Reformer classes.

If you want to know more about what Reformer classes we offer, you can read this article here.

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Michel is a licensed Physical Therapist, a seasoned cyclist, an avid wall climber, a classical guitar teacher, a martial arts enthusiast, and an impassioned carpenter. He teaches Pilates, Calisthenics, and Handstands–injecting his values of patience, discipline, and hard work into every class.