Michel Velasco

The MOWGLI-wannabe

Michel Velasco (Pronounced as “Mee-shell”)


Licensed Physical Therapist,
Founder and Senior Pilates Instructor at Pilates Plus

aka the Company “Handy Manny”

Everyone has an alter-ego, and Michel has always thought of being Mowgli from the Jungle Book — for the character’s adventurous spirit and happy-go-lucky approach in life, as well as his fun-loving, trusting and friendly attitude —

With 15 years of experience teaching a wide range of clientele, from the Pre-Surgery to the Post-Surgery; the Elite Athlete, the Elderly and the Young, Michel has been a fitness enthusiast since young. He was often seen climbing trees, running up hills, kayaking, boxing and even had a brief experience in classical ballet.


Michel’s journey into the world of Pilates came by chance right after his Physical Therapy days in college. Seeing his natural gift in both movement understanding and execution; coupled with his emphatic and caring nature, Michel was “spotted” by a Pilates instructor and led him on to start teaching Pilates.

In 2001, he attended his first Pilates workshop in Hong Kong conducted by the Principal Educator of Polestar Pilates Education LLC, Dawnna Wayburne, which gave him a deeper insight into the fundamentals and movement application of Pilates.

In the following year, he travelled to Singapore and attended workshops by the late-Ron Fletcher. He was particularly impressed with Fletcher’s flexibility and his ability to move effortlessly at the age of 84. He was then convinced that

”Pilates is something he “can do it until he’s old.”

Since then he has continuously seek new knowledge and remain open-minded in his approach in Pilates both as a practitioner and an instructor. He has attended numerous workshops by Ron Fletcher, Pat Guyton, Michael Collin, Michelle Larson and Alan Herdman.


Outside of Pilates, Michel is also an ex-amateur cyclist and has won medals in Asian races and has gone for races as far as to Belgium and Netherlands.

At the same time, he is also gifted at anti-gravity sports. He has clinched a couple of medals in Vertical Marathons in the Elite Category.

He has a deep belief in fundamental training and is currently exploring deeper into bodyweight and calisthenics to fine-tune his knowledge and practical approach so as to enhance his understanding of the human body.


He wishes to inspire and help everyone from all walks of life to enjoy life through fitness.

He also regularly conducts free workshops for the underprivileged and cancer patients. His style of teaching is often injected with large doses of fun and laughter, making the sessions very enjoyable and addictive for all.

Michel holds a Bachelor Degree in Physical Therapy from Velez College of Physical Therapy and Occupational Therapy, Cebu, Philippines.