Movement Lifestyle : An Expression

Posted on Mar 27, 2015

Movement Lifestyle : An Expression

Disclaimer: This blog post just represents my thoughts and observations from both learning the Classical sequence as well as from my current learning journey with the Polestar Syllabus as a student.


To my fellow readers,

I do not know how you came about here, but most likely it is your curiosity and love for movement in life that draws you here.

I realize movement is life – be it fast or slow, motion or still –  we are all born to move as soon as our heart beats. And even when it ceases to pump, and our physical bodies leave the world, there will be a certain something within us that remains and will merge with the rest of the world, moving on ahead with time.

The world we live in now is now bursting with information more so than ever. We have gone past the “Information Age” into the next phase — the “Social Age”. We seem to get all too “analytical” and “overwhelmed” , that we worry too much and move too little. It is no wonder than we are now experiencing more and more diseases and illnesses, as compared to our predecessors.

8 years ago, my own personal experience at the age 22 with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma , had opened my eyes and my heart to search for the resonance within me and to live a purposeful life. And I think I have came a way around in finding it — that is to learn to move all over again in life. And in this pursuit of movement throughout life, I have now re-discovered the Pilates Singapore Method and have never looked back since.

And with that, from here on, I like to share with all through my series of posts here on Pilates Plus — my personal findings and thoughts, my humble experience and knowledge with what I am passionate about — ” a lifestyle of freedom of expression through total movement, true fitness and balanced nutrition”– I will also be blogging about my own learning path with the various Pilates methods as I am currently working with the Polestar Pilates Comprehensive course.

So thank you for dropping by and let’s Live Life Everyday through Movement.

yanyayohuangalwaysfreewilly100~ Yan ~

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