The Healthy Ways that Pilates can Benefit Your Pregnancy

Posted on Sep 24, 2015


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Pregnancy Pilates Classes Singapore

For a lot of women, keeping a good body is not only limited on aesthetic purposes but also for health reasons.

When it comes to hitting two birds with one stone, Pilates became a good choice. More women are enjoying the exercise and its benefits so how does this then relate to pregnancy? When the call for motherhood comes knocking on your door, can this exercise still be relevant?


Is Pilates good for pregnancy?

According to experts, Pilates is a safe exercise while pregnant just as long as your doctor tells you that you are in the clear. This is very important because without your doctor’s advise you could put your pregnancy and the life of your baby at risk. But with the proper techniques and guidance, this exercise has a lot of good to offer as well.

Pilates is a low-impact workout that helps the body to be strong, flexible, and balanced. Using a series of positions and movements paired with breathing and relaxation, it helps boost your body’s strength and coordination. You have to make sure that you entrust this with a certified instructor, one that knows how to cater to your physical limitations.

Pregnancy benefits

1. Strengthens your stomach or core muscles.

One of the most common misconceptions is that we should not be exerting our abdominal area during pregnancy. The truth of the matter is that you should actually do this, it’s just a matter of how you are working the muscles in this area. There are different pilates workout designed for each trimester to cater to the different demands the body have.

The focus will be on your tummy and muscles of your pelvic floor which are known as stabilising muscles. This gives you a stable core which is key in giving you good posture and balance. The series of controlled movements also improves your strength, and this is important that these has to be done carefully to prevent straining your body instead.

By targeting the tummy, back and pelvic floor muscles it shows that Pilates is good for pregnancy.

2. Controls and relaxes your breathing pattern.

As your belly gets bigger, it eventually presses down on your diaphragm which can make you feel out of breath at times. Pilates is an exercise that also helps your control and relax the way you breath. When you constantly subject yourself to this breathing exercises, you also equip yourself for labor and delivery where this is also very helpful.

3. Reduces back pain.

One of the common complaints that expectant mothers have, especially later on in their pregnancy, is back pain. This is caused by weight gain, postural changes due to a shift in your centre of gravity, muscle separation, and stress.

Pilates can help with the nagging back pain because it exercises the deep stomach muscles which stabilizes your back and pelvis. Weak muscles can make you much more vulnerable to back pain. Since a lot of Pilates exercises are performed on your hands and knees this makes it more ideal for pregnant mommies.

4. Improves your balance.

The ballooning size of your belly will also throw off your balance. You should be very careful when this happens because this can strain certain muscles which can be very painful and uncomfortable in the long run. Pilates can help you with this because it strengthens your core giving you more stability even as your baby bump grows. This exercise can also help you from swaying side to side when walking.

5. Strengthens your pelvic floor muscles.

Workouts that are designed for each trimester helps you to be limber and strong, but it is also important that the pelvic area is not overlooked. This helps you get better tone and support for your bowel, bladder and uterus as the weight of your baby grows. This prevents those minor incontinence when you cough or sneeze. This exercise not only benefits you during pregnancy because it also helps you maintain the tone down there afterwards.

Many, including experts, can attest to the benefits of Pilates during pregnancy. But as mentioned earlier, you need to be careful and avoid straining yourself. In fact, it is best that you enrol yourself in classes instead of simply looking at home videos so that you can be well guided with the proper positions.

6. Improves your body’s circulation

Pilates was developed by its founder with the belief that good circulation was important in maintaining a healthy mind and body. With Pilates, you develop your system in pumping enough blood throughout your body to support you and your baby. Your blood supply increases by 40% during pregnancy, so you need to keep blood pumping to ensure that your little one is nourished well and grow healthy. This also prevents swelling during the last trimester.

Here are some reminders before you go right ahead with a Pilates class:

  • It is important that you avoid moves that require you to lie on your back because it interrupts the blood supply to your baby. An instructor can help modify these positions to something more suitable for your case.
  • Balance is common issue with a bulging belly. So to prevent your balance from getting thrown off, you need to be careful when working with a balance ball.
  • Learn to take it easy. If you think that you are over-exerting way beyond your comfort level, communicate this with your instructor right away. Always remember that it’s not only you who may get stressed, but your baby as well.
  • Also be more careful in performing Pilates exercises that puts too much pressure on your joints. Remember that the ligaments around it tend to be much looser during pregnancy due to hormonal changes. So avoid movements which adds too much pressure at these points.

Pilates and pregnancy can go well together when done with the right precautions and guidance. Never exert too much pressure and remember that you are building body strength, and not strain it. Breathing exercises is also a very valuable benefit which you can appreciate while in labour and delivery. But one thing I would like to stress out is that you must never go ahead with enrolling in a Pilates class, much less performing it on your own, without your doctor’s go signal.

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