Pilates: Stretching It Out to Conquer Stress

Posted on Dec 1, 2016

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Whether we like it or not, stress will always be a part of our daily reality. It’s like an ugly mistress constantly beckoning you to give in to it any minute. It shows itself in the face of traffic, mounds of paperwork, or the bills piling up on your counter. These things, especially when left unmanaged, can easily sap all the positive vibes out of you resulting in a host of physical symptoms.

So how can Pilates help you to “keep calm and carry on”?

Pilates may not be the end all and be all, but research has it that it plays a significant effect in a person’s health and well-being. It offers a variety of benefits that can help you deal with certain body aches, and then some. Here are the reasons how the right stretch, with Pilates, can help you out.

Beats the strains of a sedentary lifestyle

A person can be so busy all day, however, it doesn’t always mean that his work will literally make him break a sweat. Office work, for instance, can have you sitting for the most part of your 24 hours, and that in itself can take a toll on the body.

Sitting is comfortable, but doing it for a prolonged period of time can have its downside. When you have a tendency to hunch while sitting, it can curve and strain your spine. Consequently, this limits the space for your lungs to expand fully resulting in less oxygen distribution throughout your body. This is one of the reason why you lose concentration and experience a marked reduction in your energy levels. This reaction stems from the fact that our bodies are designed for motion, so you will gradually see a decline when you don’t get enough exercise.

Pilates is designed to have a variety of exercises composed of challenging body positions that promote better strength and endurance of the abdominal musculature – or your core. There are studies which support the fact that this activity challenges the core muscles so that it is better developed for optimum back stabilization. Overall, this helps you beat the flab and avoid having a flimsy musculoskeletal system inherent in a sedentary lifestyle.

When you train your body to be so, you not only equip your body to counter stress better, but also avoid its negative effects.

It helps you bounce back

Trauma or injuries pose a significant amount of stress on the body, that even after recovery, you don’t necessarily get your usual strength back. This is why rehabilitation is in order and there is evidence which supports the fact that Pilates can do the job.

The Pilates method has been medically accepted in post-operative protocols because it offers a rapid rehabilitation process. It has the potential to improve patient compliance because it is an enjoyable rehabilitative approach that can also be used as a long-term health maintenance program.

What makes it effective for this purpose is that it involves controlled movements which stems from a stable source. It is a blend of active and active-assisted exercises to improve your range of motion. Furthermore, it also strengthens and develops muscle memory, enhances the stamina of adjacent muscles and joints, and improves ambulation.

Without stressing yourself out, it is a perfect way for you to bring your body from a weakened state into a stronger system with better endurance.

Calms your mind and emotions

The Pilates Method is regarded as “a form of somatic education with the potential to cultivate mindfulness – a mental quality associated with overall well-being.” In a comparative study with recreational exercise classes, Pilates mat classes scored better in promoting total mindfulness among study participants.

Pilates helps you to focus your attention on your body, and this is only effective when you clear your mind from distractions. It gives you the benefit of meditation without you having to just sit still. When you integrate this mindfulness into your system you can reap the benefits such as, relief from anxiety and depression, a sharper mind, creative thinking, a reduction in negative emotions, and stress relief.

Some may enjoy the peacefulness of traditional meditation, while others may prefer the benefits of a mindful movement that cleanses the thoughts while exercising. The bottom line is that it unloads both, physical and psychological stress, and improves emotional stability.

Something for everybody

One of the stressful facts about certain exercise programs is that it just might be too much for you. Zumba might not really sit well with your agility and coordination, boxing may be too traumatic, or you might not be built for running. In that thread, Pilates provides the kind of activity that will suit people from different age groups.

From young Hollywood to celebrities treading into their twilight years swear by Pilates. It is inclusive, and it is not complicated in a way that it might be too dangerous or taxing for you. Yes, it will challenge your body, but with guidance from certified Pilates instructors, you can gradually develop better core strength, flexibility and stamina.

There is indeed something for everyone, and it doesn’t discriminate your stamina or your coordination because it molds every form of beginner into stronger versions of themselves.

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Photo credit: dalydose via Foter.com / CC BY-NC-SA