Pilates and How it Improves Your Posture

Posted on Jul 4, 2016

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Have you been constantly taunted by that nagging ache on your back? Or do you seem like your body is just radiating these aches and pains that just seems to burden you day in and day out?

Too often we are unaware of how much our spine has to deal with everyday. So much of what we do, or don’t do actually has an effect on that long system of bones that run the length of your back. From the way you stand, how you sit, or pretty much how you carry your body, all these define your posture. And what most people don’t know is that not having a good posture will make a large difference to your day and maybe even your life!

In retrospect

When you observe a young children, you would notice how graceful their back appears. It shows that with their young frame and structure they are able to move easily and effortlessly. As we grow older bad habits, such as slouching, affect the way we carry ourselves. Usually, without us knowing it, this can lead muscle tension and fatigue thus resulting in poor posture.

Long hours hunched over a desk at work and poor body mechanics can is highly likely to create a bad posture. And if you are one who are doesn’t really takes heed on your mother’s reprimands, then you  could end up with stiffness, fatigue and headaches.

The symptoms of a bad posture

Whether you are aware of your bad posture or not, it breeds certain effects to your body – some you notice easily, while others may come much later on. Here are some of the symptoms that could point to a postural problem:

  • Muscle fatigue
  • Rounded Shoulders
  • Back Pain
  • Potbelly
  • Headache
  • Bent Knees when standing or walking

If you happen to scour through some celebrity news, you might have come across a news where One Direction member, Harry Styles, opened up with on his struggles with persistent back and body aches. What Harry had to cause his ‘wonky back’ was what one osteopath said to be one leg shorter than the other.  This is what lead him to Pilates and the ultimate relief he achieved after that.

Situations like these are the true calling of Pilates, and all the good that it does. Here’s how it works, and other hidden benefits that you might not have expected.

  • Pilates and your core

In targeting the problem, you also have to look at other existing circumstances that could affect the main problem.  So in this case that would be your core muscles. Pilates workouts improves your strength to build your core muscles at the center of your body, buttocks, upper and lower back, and thighs. In order to improve your posture, both your spine and pelvis has to be properly aligned. Your core muscles act like your internal girdle, and once your core muscles are stronger, the joints which include your spine and pelvis will be in a more upright position.

  • Weight bearing joints aligned

Developing good posture through Pilates aligns your weight bearing joints such as your spine and pelvis. They are lead to revert to their ideal position, and on top of strengthening your core muscles, these  joints are then better to support you in assuming an upright position. Through this, your posture will improve immensely.

  • Well-balanced muscular system

Pilates is the type of exercise that develops strength and balance by focusing on your muscles. Having this prevents putting added strain to certain muscles which could affect your posture. This type of exercise trains you for better body mechanics which retrains your muscle systems for a more efficient habit of moving your body. When you develop your muscles better, you are also training your body to be properly upright releasing tension focused on certain muscle groups.

  • Efficiency in your workouts

The principles behind body awareness in Pilates allow you to develop a good posture because it helps you get more out of your fitness regimen. It doesn’t necessarily follow that more time sweating it out in the gym would mean an improvement in your posture. However, by identifying your good or bad posture habits, will help you choose the appropriate exercise routines that can help you change these. Consequently, it will help you to stand taller, reduce joint pain, and learn how to move with ease. You just might even find yourself happy with your overall improvement of your physical and mental well-being.

  • You could be taller

What is definitely a big plus about improving your posture through Pilates is that you could gain a few inches on your height. Now wouldn’t you want that? Just try propping up for a few seconds and see what a difference it makes than when you just leave your spine to slouch? Now imagine if you could just embed that in your system and permanently walk or sit straight. With Pilates, and the strength training it provides, it is definitely possible.

Work your spine and muscles into achieving a better posture. You can then appreciate how a couple of stretch and core strengthening can leave you with a world of difference, in terms of comfort and ease in moving around – and many could attest to that.

Pilates does not give you with hard hitting moves, but rather slow and graceful moves that will help you target areas that matter for your specific concerns. So come talk to us today, or maybe sign up for our trial classes to see if this will be your cup of tea. Who knows, you just might find deliverance from all those aches and pains with a couple of sessions.

Photo Source: Pexels