Loving Your Fifties with Pilates!

Posted on May 12, 2016

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A lot of celebrities today credit Pilates for their toned bodies. Miranda Kerr, Ana Paquin, and even hunky soccer superstar David Beckham have all attributed their enviable form and physique to Pilates. What is more interesting is when you look at older stars today, you’d find that even they have cheated the ravages of aging. And guess what they are also pinning it on?

Welcome the golden age

Turning 50 is a big milestone for anybody, whether they recognize or not. Physically this can usher in a lot of changes, which only signals that old age is already one foot inside the door. However, the older generation today are redefining what it means to age beautifully, standing true to the saying that “age is just a number.”

This goes on to show that growing old doesn’t only limit you to a rocking chair. You’re life doesn’t have to end when you hit the big 5-0, instead, it should even be more interesting! If you don’t believe that you are fifty, it’s also possible to not feel it too!

Why Pilates?

So what does Pilates have to do with turning 50? Why do people swear by it? If you are still among the unconvinced, then let me take you on a short trip down to the past to make you appreciate it better.

Pilates is a group of exercise that is developed by a German physical trainer named Joseph Pilates. It was his personal journey to fitness that drove him to research and eventually develop an exercise routine that targets the body holistically. He then introduced this idea to America when he opened his own studio with his wife Clara. It soon became a hit, particularly with dancers who found it to be the best way to recover from injury and prevent recurrence.

Back in the day, Pilates dubbed it “Controllogy,” and only later did it become known by his surname. Over the years the following increased immensely, raking in devotees over several countries. Many appreciated how the exercise incorporates both the mind and body into the whole experience. It runs on a simple principle where a person is trained to develop their core strength, move with better flow, and the use of the mind to have better control over their movements.

Pilates is not a trend since it has been in practice for several years. It just so happens that more people are starting to catch up and appreciate the benefits. It appeals to the young as it does to the older crowd.  And what makes this more appealing to the latter is the fact that it doesn’t strain them. So if you started a bit late in life when it comes to your fitness regimen, this makes for a good choice.

Pilates in the Golden Age

sign up now at Pilates Plus Pilates is an exercise that can be enjoyed for all ages. If you are well over fifty, it is not a daunting activity to take. You might have waved off Zumba thinking that you don’t have the coordination to bust those moves, or you feel that your stamina is unmatched for circuit training. The good news is that you’d feel right at home with Pilates.

The movements are controlled and low-impact sparing the body from too much stress.  It improves the strength of your muscles but in a gentle way. With your body not as strong and limber than they were in your 20’s, Pilates gives you the right ground to start. It is also a good way for people in their 50s to improve their posture, balance, strength, and stamina – which are the common concerns at this age.

At this point in life, it’s not really more of the glamour of looking svelte or ripped, but it’s more about staying fit and healthy. People aren’t looking for trendy exercise routines, but something that can be maintained and is reliable in delivering results. Adding to that, Pilates has also been shown to provide benefits for the older population who have a range of conditions such as, arthritis, osteoporosis, high blood pressure, and diabetes among many others.

Why focus on 50?

Fifty is an age where the reality of retirement and old age looms around the corner. It is when real physical problems start to really bother you and stop you in your tracks. It may not be too early, but it isn’t too late either to work on a healthier lifestyle.

Daytime talk show host, Wendy Williams who is now 51 years old recently turned to Pilates. After complaining so many times of having a bad balance and feeling a few aches and pains, this is an exercise that will help counter those problems and give her a stronger core. This will allow her to improve her coordination which will actually be beneficial into her twilight years where falls are the biggest safety threat that could ultimately imprison a person to immobility.

Vanessa Williams is also another celebrity who praised Pilates after confessing that she has been doing it for several years. She was once quoted in a fitness magazine interview saying:

“I was doing Pilates before people even knew how to spell Pilates. I started with Pilates guru, Mari Winsor after my first child, 22 years ago. She used to come backstage and do a mat floor workout with me when I was doing Kiss of the Spider Woman on Broadway. Core strength balances your entire body. It pulls your shoulders back, tucks in your pelvis, makes you walk straighter, and gives you great posture.”

Recent photos of Ms. Williams is proof that she is a good kind of fifty! Sandra Bullock also trails closely at 51 as she admits that she makes it a point to go to Pilates classes because she likes to look strong but feminine. And this is true because Pilates strengthens your muscles, but it doesn’t buff you up.

You see, when you believe that you are too old to be exercising you only gear yourself to actually feel old. When you don’t exercise your muscles, these will gradually shrink. Your joints won’t be so strong either, and your core will not be able to support you better as you advance in age.

So why not take Pilates day by day and welcome these positive changes into your life? If you are in your fifties, still approaching it, or maybe well beyond it, it is never too late to try this out.

The routines involved can be catered to your capability to perform them. The classes, particularly at Pilates Plus, are designed to be smaller so the teachers can have a more focused approach for each student. A good Pilates class would also consider underlying health conditions you may have and adjust the exercises to make it suitable for you.

Pilates is an exercise that is friendly for a typical 50-year-old person. Whether you are an athlete or an uncoordinated mess, you can find this to work in your favour. Come and see how this works and join our trial sessions. Book your classes at Pilates Plus today, and let’s be on our way to better fitness in your golden age.

Photo credit: Mateus Lunardi Dutra via Foter.com / CC BY