Schedule and Rates

Weekly Schedule

  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
7 am Calisthenics Fundamentals Calisthenics Fundamentals Rings
8 am Reformer Strength Reformer Strength Handstands
9 am Reformer Strength

10 am Movement
10:30 am Calisthenics Fundamentals
11 am Bent Arm Handstands Calisthenics Fundamentals

Bent Arm
12 pm Reformer Strength Reformer Allegro

Bent Arm
Strength Pilates Rings Class Reformer Strength Handstands

Basic Inversion
1 pm Strength Pilates Reformer Allegro

Rings Class
Bent Arm Strength Pilates
2 pm Capoeira
6 pm Reformer Strength

Strength Pilates

Calisthenics Fundamentals
Bent Arm Pilates Mat

Rings Class
7 pm Strength Pilates

Calisthenics Fundamentals
Reformer Strength

Rings Class
Reformer Strength Handstands

Calisthenics Fundamentals
8 pm Capoeira

PilatesPlus Group Sessions Packages

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Package Inclusion

Regular Group sessions include Pilates Matwork, Strength Pilates Mat, Basic Calisthenics, Bent Arm Strength, Basic Inversions, Straight Arm Work, Inversions, Deep Stretch, Organic Strength, Parkour Conditioning, Release and Floorwork, Acroyoga basics, Capoeira Class and all non-pilates reformer classes.



Reformer Group Class Packages

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~ Please bring a pair of socks if you plan to attend any Pilates session (other classes are done on barefoot)


Private Sessions

You can’t go wrong if you Go Private with Pilates Plus. We give our full commitment to achieving your personal goals & experience full benefits of our programs.

Private Session (1 hour)

One on one session with our Instructors using all of Pilates Equipment depending on the fitness goals/level of the client.

Semi-private session together with a buddy (1 hour)

Two clients with one of our Pilates Instructors using all Pilates Equipment depending on the fitness goals/level of the client.


Private Sessions

  • $150 Single Session
  • $280 Introductory Package 3 Private Sessions valid for 3 months (One time buy only)
  • $1280 10 Private Sessions Valid for 10 months
  • $2950 25 Private Sessions Valid for 2 years

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Semi-Private Sessions Packages

  • $200/person Introductory Package 3 Semi-Private Sessions Valid for 3 months (One time buy only)
  • $1700 10 Semi-Private Sessions Valid for 10 months
    Price for 2 persons

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Private and Semi-Private sessions are recommended for individuals with specific needs and injuries, or those who require the full attention of our instructors. The instructor will then develop a specific set of exercises using matwork and different Pilates machines such as The Pilates Reformer, Cadillac, Ladder Barrel and Spine Corrector, to meet the needs and goals of our clients.



For Corporate rates, please contact us for more details.

“Explore, have Fun and Enjoy the full potential of your movement – don’t settle for jus a strong core or go for a run. Look for a monkey bar and hang around with your friends or challenge yourself further by learning handstand in our Calisthenics sessions”

Did you know that we also offer Trial sessions to our new clients?

At PilatesPlus we offer group and private classes using different Pilates equipment. Our classes are kept small to ensure full and dedicated attention of our qualified and experienced instructors.


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