[Programs] The Intent of Joseph Pilates part 2

Posted on Jun 15, 2015


Reawakening the purpose of practice

Over the years, the Pilates community in Singapore has evolved rapidly that it seemed many Pilates practitioners are not made aware of or have forgotten the original purpose of the Joseph Pilates method.

The intent sets directions and many current classes do not seem to lead the practitioners to the original sequence which will probably wake Mr. Pilates from his graveyard!

How many of the practitioners today are able to execute the Jack-knife, Corkscrew and Crab effortlessly, gracefully and safely? or even know what they are called or what they work on?

We are now frustrated that the Pilates method has been diluted to fit the masses that the true original intent seems to be “lost in space”.  Indeed, exercise programs are meant to be adjusted and customized to the fitness level of the trainees, but it should not just stop at that level.

Instead, it should be a starting point towards reaching the original goal — which is to able to move through the sequence of 34 exercise movements. That is our main reason why we have decided to roll out our traditional Joseph Pilates program.

We understand the challenges involved, and hence we decided to break the learning process into six progressive levels –– starting with the Fundamental course.

Pilates Plus wishes to revive the original spirit of Joseph Pilates.

Our Traditional Joseph Pilates Fundamental Program is clearly designed, and purposeful program — it does have a clear final destination to which all students will get to reach. In fact, without them realizing, their bodies will soon begin to understand and appreciate the true value of the original Joseph Pilates sequence.

What will our traditional Joseph Pilates Fundamental program do for you?

Each session should be a strong full body and mind workout ( read – it is a workout) that centres around the abdominal strength, maximizing the fullest potential in you in every session. Thus you will soon notice progressive improvement in your physical potential as you become more consistent with your practice sessions.

Noticeable areas of improvements will include :

Increase in Stamina,
Increase in Strength,
Increase in Suppleness and
Increase in Stability

Why learn the traditional Joseph Pilates sequence from PilatesPlus?

You may wonder why can’t we redesign the program to “make it better”? After years of practicing and teaching, we can only say that Joseph Pilates is a true visionary and a genius in what he does. His sequence is too good that one can only copy.
As much as we adore creativity, we do appreciate the fact that if an approach is so effective and good, why change it? ( in this case yes, the original sequence is a cookie-cutter approach to the intended purpose of Joseph Pilates)

Besides this is a 100 year old method that has been used so extensively by medical professional, fitness professional and athletes at professional level.

Pilates Plus therefore, can only “help you to regress so that you can progress”, we can assure you that you will not only benefit physically, but also have fun learning the exercises.

You can only get stronger fundamentally, and it is yours to take home. We are excited to share with you this intent, and we look forward to seeing you in the course program.

Come enjoy life through fitness – the way how it should be.

Benefits of the traditional Joseph Pilates Fundamental Program:

  1. Greater flexibility and strength
  2. Greater control of your own body , that is have an increased body awareness.
  3. Full understanding of the traditional sequence (once you finish the entire course)

Details of the traditional Joseph Pilates (J.P.) Fundamental course:

8 week progressive course / 3 times a week

Note: Group timing can be rearranged depending on feedback

Minimum 5 to start a group; maximum 8 per group intake

S$500nett per pax per course (S$20.83/session)

Our Joseph Pilates Fundamental course also comes with

  1. A Take-Home Manual for self practice ( yes you can practice this daily!)
  2. Usage of studio during our operating hours when sessions are missed
  3. Certification of completion / achievement * at least 75% attendance and/or pass a overall sequence test at the last session*

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