Why Pilates is an Affordable Treatment for Body Aches in Singapore

Posted on Mar 15, 2019


An affordable way to treat body aches? Sign me up for that!

Well, why wouldn’t you, when most of us are stuck on our seats for hours every day – a lifestyle that carries a string of health risks.  Aches and pains are just some of the symptoms that, if left unmanaged, can also lead to chronic health problems.

Pilates in Singapore is making a silent revolution in fitness with many turning to it for its benefits. So, if body aches are affecting how you function every day and your overall well-being, this type of exercise is worth considering. It can boost your fitness regimen, all while giving you your money’s worth!

Pain and the bigger picture

The Straits Times reports that body pain is not just a personal issue. It is also a national concern that costs the economy S$8.4 Billion each year. In 2016, workers in Singapore took an average of 3 days of medical leave due to pain, while those who tried to brave through it showed a 15% decline in productivity.

It is also reported that 9 out of 10 people may experience back pain at some point in their lives. And if you hold a physically-demanding job or even one that is highly sedentary, you know that backaches are all too familiar. This shows that body pain is something that should not be left to linger, and must be taken seriously.

With the rising cost of medical care to address chronic pain, Pilates as a complementary treatment or even as a preventive measure would come up to be a cost-effective option. However, this is a matter that you must discuss with your doctor, especially if you have special needs.

How much does Pilates personal training cost?

The average cost of a personal Pilates training in Singapore is around S$40, and it can go as high as S$130 for every session. Some studios require a registration fee, while some don’t require this in their arrangements.

If you want to get several sessions at a more affordable price, you can sign-up for Pilates courses that are grouped into packages with 5 to 10 sessions. At Pilates Plus, we have the following arrangements:

  • Single Drop-In: S$50 per person
  • 12 sessions: S$365 per person (S$30/session), valid for 3 months
  • 30 sessions: S$845 per person (S$28/session), valid for 8 months

Group class packages are applicable to Pilates Matwork, Strength Pilates, Calisthenics Bent Arm, Calisthenics Straight Arm, Organic Strength, and Deep Stretch Classes.

Reformer Allegro Group Class Packages:

  • Single Drop-In: S$50
  • 12 sessions: S$475 per person ($39/session) for 3 months

A Group Class package is applicable for the Reformer Allegro Class and Reformer Strength Series. It can also be used for the Pilates Equipment Group class after you’ve undergone 3 Private sessions for individual programming.

If you are interested to join the Reformer Allegro or the Reformer Strength Series from your introductory packages, you can simply top up $20 to try out a class.

Group class package with a one-month expiry date

  • Unlimited Classes (Calisthenics, Pilates Matwork, Reformer): S$345 per person
  • Pilates Plus Corporate Sessions: This is an arrangement you can make with our studio to accommodate fitness programs you aim to incorporate in your company. The prices will vary accordingly based on the kind of arrangement that was set.

Visit here, for more information on pricing, or you may contact us directly for more details.

How much does private training cost in Singapore?

The cost of a private training differs based on the studio, the instructor (whether if he is a freelancer or someone tied up with the gym), or the kind of Pilates workout (mat or equipment) you wish to focus on. Private sessions usually start around S$80 in Singapore and this can go as high up as S$100-S$180.

An hour of a private session at our studio, which involves the use of all Pilates equipment, would go for S$150. You can also get a package which is comprised of 10 or 25 sessions for $1,280 and S$2,950 respectively.

If you and a friend are interested in a private session together, we also offer a semi-private class for 1 hour. For two people, you can enjoy a total of 10 sessions at $1,700.

Even though it comes at a price much higher than group classes, a private class is recommended for individuals with specific needs or injuries. In that way, the instructors can give them their full attention.  

What is the best solution for back pain?

Back pain is inevitable especially if your job entails hours of sitting. This is a concern shared by many primarily because of poor body mechanics. As much as the causes vary, the solution also comes in different forms and Pilates is proven to be a reliable solution.

One study claimed that “Pilates provided greater improvement for pain relief and functional ability” in people with lower back pain. With regular sessions, the benefits are reflected at one’s quality of life such as functional capacity, pain, and vitality.

While Pilates has its benefits for lower back pain, researchers concluded that it offers equivalent improvements to massage therapy and other forms of exercise. So, to say that it would be the best solution would be putting it too far. Rather, it would be more appropriate to say that, it is a good option if you wish to address this chronic problem. Adding to that, it not only addresses the pain but it can also improve a person’s fitness and well-being.

How difficult is a Pilates exercise?

Pilates isn’t necessarily about the level of difficulty of an exercise routine, it is about how progression benefits your body.  

Of course, it will not be easy for anybody right off the bat. While it may not be as strenuous as cardio exercises, it focuses more on working your own body while increasing awareness, breathing, focus, proper muscle activation, and challenging yourself through alignment.

It is also for that goal that you should carefully choose your instructor. Recruiting the wrong muscles will cause you to miss out on the true value of the exercise and overlook your purpose of addressing body aches. The importance of a well trained and experienced instructor comes into play as he/she guides you through the different routines with proper execution.

Is a group Pilates class safe and effective in the gym?

A group Pilates class have been effective in the gym or a studio. To ensure that everyone in the group is given the attention they need, especially when checking execution, the number of participants for each session is controlled.

We can’t always assume that people will remember all the safety precautions, especially when handling Pilates devices. This is true, particularly for Pilates group classes. So, we encourage participants to carefully follow the principles. Before individuals are left to the workout on their own, it is ensured that they have undergone proper training.

For individuals with special needs (e.g. pregnant women, senior citizens, or people with injuries), it is best that you choose private to semi-private sessions usually offered in packages to save more. This is perfect for anybody looking for special care and attention when executing the different exercises, or if you simply want the privacy.

What can regular Pilates classes do to your body?

Pilates is more than just a workout – it can create body awareness that takes your fitness routine to a different level. Aside from easing back pain, it also offers the following benefits:

  1. It promotes deeper muscle activation which means a better function of the nervous system.
  2. It promotes uniformed muscle development.
  3. It can relieve stress and tension in your body.
  4. It enhances your body and self-awareness.
  5. It improves your flexibility and lean muscle tone.
  6. It is low-impact hence it is easy on your joints.
  7. It improves postural control and body composition.
  8. You gradually build a strong body and a strong mind.

Just imagine having all these benefits to your body while you work towards addressing body aches? It definitely gives you a good run for your money because not only will you hit the nail in the head by addressing chronic pain, you also build a strong body along the way!

If you have yet to try this out, experience these benefits and sign-up for any of our Pilates Plus classes today. Try our affordable Pilates Singapore promo packages and get the most value for your money!