Pilates: Should You Workout Solo Or Join A Group Class?

Posted on Sep 21, 2017

Your gym bag is all packed up and you’re ready to kick-start your journey towards better health and wellness. Do you prefer striking the gym all by yourself? Or would you rather have a fitness BFF with you?

Private training is an exercise program that is tailored to a person’s lifestyle, health status, and fitness goals. Clients typically do private workout sessions with a fitness coach who designs a training program specifically for them. Meanwhile, a group class is a workout program performed by a group of individuals led by one fitness instructor. This exercise model is designed to cater to the general needs of the group.

Some say that fitness is merrier if you sign up for a group class or do some workouts together with your friends. However, there are also individuals who find it more comfortable working out privately. In this respect, let us take a look at the difference between working out solo and sweating out with a group:

Workout Schedule

Solo – Going solo allows you to maximize your exercise schedule. You can hit the gym whenever you want, and it is not difficult to stick to your workout schedule since there is no one else’s agenda to consider. If you’re under the weather, you can just give your personal trainer a call to reschedule the session.

Group – Scheduling your workout with your buddies is comparable to setting up a group date. You have to adjust in order to accommodate each other’s schedule. Since you are already together, you guys can plan out your post-fitness activities. Group classes also have a patterned schedule, and this will give you the option to plan ahead.


Solo – Self-motivation is important if you’re working out privately. No one will entice you to skip your exercise routine anyway, so you can remain committed. And since you have nobody to talk to aside from your trainer, you can focus on your breathing and improve your concentration. Also, your personal trainer will do everything he or she can to assist you in achieving your fitness goals in a timely manner.

Group – When you join a group class, you have a solid support system. You keep each other motivated and whenever you feel burned out, you have a team to cheer you on. And they can also join you to celebrate whenever you hit a mark.

Exercising with others will help you realize that you are not alone in this body shaping journey.


Solo – Working out alone frees you from worrying if someone is arriving late or isn’t coming at all.

Your workout coach is holding you accountable, but you are accountable for your own actions as well, which brings us back to the topic of self-motivation.

Group – There are times when you decide to skip the gym, and your friend feels tempted not to attend as well. In a group class, you exercise as a team. You become liable to get your friend to show up to the group class. It is important to look after each other to make sure the squad is in full force every Pilates session.


Solo – In a one-on-one workout session, the fitness trainer’s attention is all on you. Hence, you will feel more at ease with him or her. Your personal trainer also functions as your life coach, therapist, and nutritionist. Furthermore, he or she is a friend who never gives up on you until you obtain your desired outcome.

Group – Humans are social creatures. People enjoy “social” training because it develops new friendships and camaraderie. There is a built-in competition that pushes people to work harder and to be at their best. Also, there is a sense of community. The moment you step into the class, you will meet individuals with the same fitness goals as yourself.


Solo – For some, exercising is an enjoyable “me” time which is why they prefer doing it alone. Since you’re familiar with the exercise routine, your fitness coach doesn’t have to be beside you all throughout the session. You can pivot your attention towards inner peace and snap out of those things that stress you out.

Group – Sweating it out with your friends or with people of the same interest as yours is definitely a fun experience. And you will have a crowd to talk with before and after your Pilates class. A study from Oxford’s Institute of Cognitive and Evolutionary Anthropology claimed that having workout buddies could turn fitness into a pleasant physical activity.

Whichever you prefer, either going solo or doing it with your troupe, is fine. What matters most is that you’re persistent and consistent in your fitness regimen. Moreover, a recent fitness research indicated that it is necessary for both workout instructors and participants to have better knowledge on the physical effects and health benefits of a specific group exercise class. This will help them choose a suitable class that can provide their desired result.

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