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For just $60 for 3 sessions, Flex, Stretch, Reach and Bend Like Never Before.


Strike just the right balance between strength and flexibility with Pilates at Pilates Plus.

Pilates is an exercise method that involves a full body workout that stretches and strengthens. Done in tandem with conscious breathing techniques, the exercises may be performed with or without equipment.

You’ll feel better about your overall well-being, including

  • Your performance at sports
  • Your overall health and energy levels
  • Your lessened risk of injuries or your faster recovery from them
  • Your lessened lower back pain, body aches and muscle tension
  • Your increased strength, muscle mass and tone
  • Your sleep
  • The way you move as you go about your everyday tasks
  • Relaxation

At Pilates Plus, you’ll practise Pilates as a student, not as a client.

We believe in nurturing a teacher- student relationship, instead of a client-service provider one. Members come to the studio as students to learn, grow and improve over time.

  • You’ll learn practical anatomy and gain more awareness of your body which means you’ll be exercising more effectively and safely.
  • You’ll be guided by instructors who have personally researched and developed our Pilates exercise programmes.
  • You have the choice to practise solo or in groups which are kept small to make sure everyone receives the full attention of our instructors.

Now’s your chance to practise Pilates at a special introductory offer price.

To allow as many people as possible to enjoy the benefits of a proper Pilates workout, Pilates Plus is giving first-time students a special rate of just $60 for 3 sessions.

Select your 3 sessions from Pilates Matwork or Strength Pilates.

Just let us know when you would like to have your group sessions and we can help you choose from our session schedule.

If you prefer private sessions, get a special private session rate of $280 for 3 sessions which may be customised to your specific needs.

If you are looking for something more, try our Reformer classes by adding just $20 per session.


Get answers to some common questions about Pilates at Pilates Plus.

Can someone with absolutely no experience with Pilates join your sessions?

Yes, all of our sessions at Pilates Plus are beginner-friendly.

Can someone with an injury or physical limitations join your sessions?

Yes, and we’ll be able recommend which of our sessions would suit you best going forward once our teachers see you in either a Pilates Matwork, Reformer Fundamentals or private session.

Why do Pilates Equipment Group Classes require a minimum of 3 private sessions?

Everyone in the class will be doing customized program with a close supervision from our teachers. This customization of the program takes place during the private sessions.

What is the difference between Reformer Classes and Pilates Equipment Classes?

Reformer classes is a Pilates session which uses exclusively the reformer machine and the exercises are done by everyone in the session simultaneously. Pilates Equipment exercises involve not just the Reformer machine but other apparatus such as the Cadillac, Wunda Chair, Spine Corrector, High Barrel as well, depending on your individual needs.

See what one of our students has to say about working out at Pilates Plus.

I had very stiff and sore shoulders from desk bound work. After some stretching miracle, it was totally loosen up and it felt really good. Working out at PilatesPlus has given a whole new meaning to the Pilates that I have known before this. I highly recommend that you try them out.

– Jessie Jamie Tan

Michel is a great instructor, breaks the exercises down so you understand them and how it will effect and benefit you. Really had increased my overall health. Fantastic.

– Stuart Jones

Good add-on to triathlete/ironman training. Helps to prevent and soothe injuries.

– Keh Raymond

Michel shows great attention to details and has a great sense of humor, making the sessions very enjoyable.

– Tong Yong Kun

My initial interest in Pilates was piqued due to bad back posture and constant shoulder aches from long hours hunching over laptops. That’s how I first found Pilates Plus in late 2016. However, as I grew in strength, I started practicing calisthenics and have never looked back since. Initially, I started out wanting to be able to do cool stuff like chin-ups and handstands, but now beyond that I appreciate so much more the ability to simply move and train my body in different ways that it hasn’t done for the past 20+ years. The bonus is that I’m well on my way to doing a free-standing handstand! Most importantly, I have acquired lifelong fitness skills and am much more conscious of my posture. Daily life is much more enjoyable now because I am stronger, fitter and more aware of how my body should function and feel. Many thanks to Michel and Sean for their incredible patience and for selflessly sharing their knowledge!

– Karen L., Pilates Plus & UMove student since 2016

Take advantage of our special introductory offer price $60 for 3 sessions now, and take that first step toward a stronger, more agile, more flexible you.

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