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“Generally speaking, the less the average person merely talks about health, the better it is for his health.”
– Joseph Pilates

Our body is quite simple in which, we are molded to have a pair of arms, a pair of legs, a trunk and a head. But at the same time, our body is also quite complex and definitely astounding since the combination of movements that these body parts are able to achieve is nearly close to infinite.

We strive to achieve what we see on TV where world class athletes show superhuman strength and prowess making them win gold medals and accolades. As the observers, it is often easy for us to forget that this exceptional feat of strength, performance, and athleticism are actually developed from years of training and hard work that once started with the basic steps which has developed much further from what we consider to be normal. If one analyze these initial basic steps, these are indeed pretty simple, that almost everybody can even do it – and in some cases, even those who are handicapped since birth.

At Pilates Plus we focus on fundamental elements consisting the first stepselephant that are important for the body to perform optimally in any given activity. This means, going about with your daily activities and physical challenges without being constantly bothered by nagging aches and pains.

Pilates Plus caters to a wide range of needs. We help to rehabilitate injuries, provide flexibility for the elderly and help serious athletes to condition their bodies to excel and be the best versions of themselves as they indulge in their chosen sports.

We are different from others because even though we centered our teaching philosophy in the classical Pilates Methodology, we are open to different variations of fitness which we believe when done with a good foundation will create a greater freedom of movement. 


” We don’t stop at Pilates, We Enjoy Life through Fitness!”
— Michel Velasco, Founder and Senior Instructor of Pilates Plus.
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