[Pilates Plus] The Intent of Joseph Pilates part 1

Posted on Mar 5, 2015

[Pilates Plus] The Intent of Joseph Pilates part 1


If you are a current Pilates practitioner or teacher, and have been self-practising on the mat or on the range of Pilates equipment ( reformer, ladder barrel, chair and Cadillac), take a minute to stop and reflect: ” What am I doing?” We urged you to question the intent of each movement or the entire sequence as a whole.

Intent — is important, and purposeful. Without intent, the practice of any skill will eventually be stale and, in some cases, deteriorate. This is also how many are not able to stay motivated and consistent in their fitness program.

The intent of Joseph Pilates’ Contrology method is to craft the mind and body into balance

In his book ” Return to Life” — he wrote,

” Contrology (Pilates) develops the body uniformly, corrects wrong postures, restores physical vitality, invigorates the mind, and elevates the spirit. ” – Joseph Pilates


The original design compromises a flow sequence of 34 mat-based exercises, using only one’s bodyweight. When performed in the exact same original sequence,  with prescribed repetitions (usually no more than 6, except the 100s) before moving onto the next, it challenges the body enough for a lifetime worth of workout – restoring true health, happiness and joy.

( Do take note that the Contrology method is a flow sequence, not a collection of standalone independent movement. What this means is that in order to reap the maximum benefit, one should perform the workout exercises in its entirety! )

It is like having a hundred-year old recipe of perfect bread-baking, and you will not want to miss any step or ingredient such as the flour or the kneading of the dough to produce the best bread.

The idea of Pilates’ 34-sequence hence is such that it progressively warms the body up, challenges and cools it down.  The flow sequence also strengthens, stretches the torso, arms and legs in all planes of movement; with and against gravity.

[ read on for part 2 of the article]

Here at Pilates Plus, we don’t just aim at getting you moving. We actually customize a systematic program for you to get fundamentally strong. All of these benefits for you to tackle on life’s unexpected situations or even to complement your current fitness goals in a realistic and happy way, of course.

We don’t just stop at Pilates, we Enjoy Life through Fitness!