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Now you can take up a new fitness program or supplement an existing exercise regimen on a more flexible schedule, in the comfort of your homes, and at more affordable rates, too!

Our virtual classes at Pilates Plus Singapore make it easier to achieve your fitness goals on your own terms—anywhere, just by using your phones and devices wherever there’s an internet connection and available floor space.

What’s more, we have added strength and fat burning work in our Bodyweight Fundamentals, skills and conditioning work in our Capoeira and handstands class, easy mobility and coordination work in Pilates and Morning wake up classes.

So, whether you’re a newbie to home workouts or a seasoned athlete who wants to do back-to-back classes for cross training, you’ll benefit from the following virtual classes:

  1. Bodyweight Fundamentals Strength Circuit Training
  2. Deep Stretch Classes
  3. Beginner Handstand Classes
  4. Bodyweight Fundamentals Burn Classes
  5. Morning Wake-Up Classes
  6. Handstand Conditioning Classes
  7. Pilates Mat Plus Classes
  8. Capoeira Class
  9. Stretch and Tone Class
  10. Strength Pilates Classes

Each virtual class runs for one hour, comprising well-thought-out exercises. Our classes are suitable for everyone, with repetitions that can be scaled to your level of physical capability and requirements.

Pilates Plus Virtual Class Schedule

9:50 am     Mind and Body Wake Up

Deep Stretch Backbends
11 am     Beginner Handstand Class

Bodyweight Fundamentals Strength Circuit
11:50 amStrength PilatesHandstand Conditioning

Stretch and Tone
 Pilates Mat Plus

Bodyweight Fundamentals Strength Circuit
Mind and Body Wake Up

Bodyweight Fundamentals Strength Circuit
12 pm  Strength Pilates   
12:10 pm     Strength Pilates
1 pmBeginner Handstand Class

Deep Stretch Lower Body
Mind and Body Wake Up

Deep Stretch Upper Body
Deep Stretch HipsDeep Stretch BackbendsDeep Stretch Backbends 
2 pm     Virtual Capoeira Class
5:50 pm Deep Stretch Full BodyMind and Body Wake Up

Bodyweight Fundamentals Burn
Handstand Conditioning

Deep Stretch Full Body
6 pmStrength Pilates   Beginner Handstand Class 
7 pmBodyweight Fundamentals BurnPilates Mat PlusStrength Pilates

Deep Stretch Upper Body
Beginner Handstand Class

Stretch and Tone

Virtual Capoeira Class
Stretch and Tone 
  • You can book the class on our website, the class is $15/session which will be held via zoom
  • 1-week unlimited virtual classes for $49 – one time buy only
  • 1-month unlimited virtual classes for $199 (first 20 pax only) U.P. $230
  • The class will be interactive so you will be seen by our teacher to correct your form.
  • Once you have booked, a link will be sent to you via email 1 hour before the class. Just click on the link and it will lead you to the class meeting.
  • You can click on the class name for the class description.
  • Click here for more FAQ materials

How to Get Started on a Virtual Class Now

Let Pilates Plus be your virtual fitness buddy. Looking forward to hearing from you!

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