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Be on track with your fitness goals while keeping safe indoors with virtual Capoeira classes from Pilates Plus. But you don’t have to do it alone, our instructors will guide you every step of the way with each interactive session. 

Capoeira is the Afro-Brazilian art of fight, game, and dance. It is a unique martial art form wherein practitioners express their individualism through movement and music. Its origins can be traced to Africans who settled in Brazil in the 16th century.

Widely known as a martial art disguised as a dance, Capoeira constitutes a wide range of physical techniques and intellectual skills. Its relevance to Pilates lies in its ability to engage both mind and body at the same time.

The emergence of Capoeira played a  significant role in sparking a global culture of fitness and movement by developing physical coordination and mental agility. 

Not just a martial art form, fight technique, or dance, Capoeira is a way of life. So, sign up now and have a fun, fantastic time keeping fit in the safety and comfort of your own home in the virtual company of your instructors.

But first, here are the REQUIREMENTS:

  1. Book the class from our website once you’ve paid for the single session. You’ll then receive a unique link for the class that’s exclusively for you, so make sure to pick a suitable schedule.
  2. Classes will be hosted on Zoom, so please download the app in advance. We’ll share more details about the class once you’ve booked your schedule.
  3. You’ll need an empty floor space where there’s room for you to do kicks and cartwheels safely without hitting anything (or anyone).
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Single Capoiera Class

  • $15 Single Session
  • 1 Hour and 15 Mins Per Class


  • Monday – 8PM
  • Wednesday – 7PM
  • Thursday – 7PM
  • Saturday – 2PM

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Our Instructors

Mestre Xuxo

Mestre Xuxo was born in the small city of Francisco Morato in São Paulo, Brazil. At the early age of 2, he started to practice Capoeira with his father, Mestre Sampaio, who is also his master in the art of Capoeira.  

At only 17, Mestre Xuxo decided to travel around the world to promote the Afro-Brazilian culture globally. Mestre Xuxo founded the Pelo Sinal da Santa Cruz Capoeira group in 2007.  

Today, Mestre Xuxo continues to travel around the world to bring his experiences in the art of Capoeira to people from all walks of life. 

Mestre Xuxo believes that there is a profound perspective to life that can be found within and beyond the movements. Capoeira cannot change the world, but it can change people and in turn contribute to making the world a better place.  


KY started his journey in the movement and martial arts world in 2003, as a Taekwondo practitioner.  

He attained the 1st dan black belt in the year 2008. He discovered Capoeira in 2010, and since then focused his training on the art.  

Under the apprenticeship of Mestre Xuxo, KY founded Pelo Sinal da Santa Cruz Capoeira group in Singapore. 

​KY believes that the art should be embraced holistically, and the seemingly contradictory philosophies –dance vs martial art; trickery vs objectivity; playfulness vs aggression– can all be embodied within the body, heart and mind of the Capoeirista. 


Beginners’ Capoeira

“Love it! Very fun class and steps were given at an easy pace for newbies to learn. Will definitely come back! Only downside is the space is quite tight for a class of six.”

“I could see improvement in my reflexes and special awareness through this art! Learnt a tonne from Alex the Capo maestro, but now that classpass raised their prices, looks like I’m gonna have to learn Capo on youtube, sobsss :(“

“Fun class! A good intro for those who have never tried capoeira before, and even for those who may have. The instructor was attentive, and split the class into true beginners vs those with a little experience, which helped everyone get value from the class. Be warned though – your knees and thighs may be quite sore the next day. Not for those with knee issues”

Great class!!!

Alex got us to work on more advanced moves while drilling the basics, love his flexible yet technical style! Also with some students who are more familiar, we got to try advanced moves together!

Interesting class

Not my cup of tea, but it was okay for an hour. Expect a little bit of movement and body coordination work.