Guys are Getting Into Pilates and Why You Should Too

Posted on Oct 7, 2016

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The thing about Pilates is that so many find it to be like a gentle bunny when it fact it can be a real workhorse that can give you a run for your money. To those who thinks that it’s a girl’s “cutesie” workout, then you are missing out on a lot. However, more guys today are giving it a chance, and a lot have been satisfied with the results. If you want to know what they found good about this exercise, then better read on.

Being overshadowed by the reputation that Pilates is a lady’s exercise is like forgetting the fact that it is created by a man primarily for men. Back in the day, Joseph Pilates used this to train athletes, but later on it was accepted as a very helpful exercise regimen for everybody.

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Pilates and How Guys Would Benefit from It

The wave of popularity that Pilates earned in recent years was due to a large extent by the throngs of women participants and instructors. This was the primary reason why it left the impression that it was created for the ladies. However, men are now starting to understand that Pilates can also challenge them in a certain way compared to the usual gym-based workout because it focuses on stabilizing the muscles.

The Pilates method aims to increase the flexibility, strength and control of the body which allows a person to perform efficient movement patterns. It also gears toward functional fitness, which helps you to move through your daily activities with grace and ease. In this regard, Pilates also increases your range of motion without having to do complicated moves or maybe the kind of pretzel that you aim to achieve in yoga.

Pilates is not all about mat classes, which most women love by the way, men can find their cup of tea by the use of the host of Pilates equipments available. And you’d be surprised that they can give you quite a challenge. And if you rise to it, the benefits can really have profound effects on your body and movement.

From the Get-go

There is nothing specifically different in Pilates for men, as it would have been done with the ladies. It is pretty much the same for all. What you can expect is that it is primarily based on healthy movement principles. At the beginning men often notice that their muscles are more tense than women’s, usually around the hips and hamstrings. But exercise can be modified to allow the areas to gradually stretch out.

On top of the physical aspect of this exercise it also involves the mind to bring attention to every movement. This is what makes it a holistic activity that is perfect for the daily calendar.

Benefits of Pilates for the Male Body

The recent upsurge in popularity of Pilates among guys is also brought by the fact that many male celebrities are getting into it.  The likes of Kobe Bryant, Tiger Woods and Lebron James are just a few of the celebrities who swore by Pilates and how it helped them improve their game.

Here are the benefits that you can expect with Pilates:

Core Strength

Each Pilates exercise is focused on using your core for better power movement over your limbs. Core conditioning involves a variety of core training techniques with the use of different types of equipment. As a result, it helps you tone the muscles throughout the entire body and it isolates, activate and condition deep cores muscles. Consequently this alleviates stress and tension because it also directs you to attain and maintain proper body mechanics and posture. Most guys find that this improves back pain because when the core is strong, the frame of the body is well supported.


The type of routines in a Pilates session gradually improves muscle elasticity and joint mobility. A person whose flexibility and strength are balances are less likely to be injured.


Pilates involves smooth movements for the safe increase in length and stretch of muscles. It also improves your range and motion for your joints. When your exercise incorporates the right stretching techniques, you prevent injuries and muscles strains. This is the reason why a lot of athletes find it to be very therapeutic. Therefore, it can be used as an adjunctive exercise to improve flexibility.

However, it is not only beneficial for guys who dabble with sports, as it can also be good for ordinary folks who wants to have better flexibility when they reach old age.

Develop Neglected Muscle Groups

Ordinarily, the muscles that you use daily tend to be stronger than other. What Pilates does is that it also gives attention to those muscle groups that aren’t typically used. It pushes you to move in certain ways so as to build those muscles that you don’t usually hit when lifting.

Good Posture

Your posture reflects the alignment that is supported by a strong core, which Pilates provides. A good posture will allow you to move freely with strength and harmony.

So spruce up your workout regimen and try a more holistic approach without unduly straining your joints and muscles. Go against the grain and be more open to other exercise option which has been proven by time and studies to be safe and efficient way to improve your body. These are just some of the reasons why more men are getting into the stretch of Pilates, and why you should try it too.

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